Thracian Followers Of The Dark One

Race: Men
Alignment: Chaotic
Number: 228

These bronze-skinned human tribesmen believe that in order for the Dark One to bring a dead soul to the afterlife, the corpse must be interred in a cavern beneath the Lost City. All those encountered to date speak no Common, only Low Thracian, which bears the same relationship to Ancient Thracian as Italian has to Latin.

The Thracians have been observed to use highly sophisticated equipment like crossbows, longbows, and catapults. Some wear platemail of an archaic style, fashionable hundreds of years ago.

Recently they lost a dozen tribesmembers in battle against Spider Worshippers and adventurers.

The adventurers spoke with a tribesman named Marino, who aided them against the minotaur, lizardmen, and gnolls. Marino said he had been sent from his home to spend a year guarding the cavern entrance as a rite of passage. Marino said that it was very lucky that Goo died so close to the cavern, and took the elf's body and gear below for burial. Marino ran below when the Spider Worshippers attacked, and hasn't been seen since.

The spider worshippers believe that the burial cave holds all the treasures the Thracians bury with their dead, for use in the next world.

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