One of the seven fundamental classes of Dungeons & Dragons. The Thief is suited to a life of burglary, espionage, reconnaissance, and assassination. Without occult powers, doughty armor, or the blessings of faith to shield him or her from harm, a Thief must survive on his or her wits alone: many foolish Thieves perish early in their careers, but a crafty Master Thief is an incredibly dangerous opponent.

In the Black Peaks

The Master Thief operates the Thieves Guild out of Specularum, many miles to the south. The area around Threshold does not have a chapter of the Guild yet, and in its absence Renata the Robber has set up her own group of bandits outside of town, preying on merchant wagons and any adventurers laden with gold.

House Rules

2d6 Thief Skills

In the Glantri Campaign, Thieves, Dabblers, and Gnomes use a modified ruleset for the application of thief skills.


In the Glantri campaign, Thieves and fighter-types can wield a smaller weapon in their off-hand (for the fighters, in lieu of a shield). This weapon is used to feint and distract an opponent's defenses, yielding a +1 to hit with attacks from their strong hand.


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