The Winter Phase

The Winter Phase is a series of rolls that summarizes everything that happened over the course of the year that wasn't played out as an adventure. This encompasses vassal duty, maintaining one's holdings, and various family business.

Winter Phase Short Form 1066-EZ

Phase One: Solo Adventure
We assume that knights not present for the yearly adventure were stationed on garrison duty and attending to their manors. Normally this merits running through a bunch of tables, but the short form is as follows:

Check Awareness, Intrigue, Stewardship, Folk Lore, Horsemanship, Just or Arbitrary, Prudent or Reckless, and Trusting or Suspicious.

Phase Two: Experience Checks
Roll a d20 for each experience check. If you roll over your current score, you may gain one point.

Phase Three: Age
Aging. Not applicable until age 35.

Phase Four: Economic Circumstances
Roll a d20 to determine bad weather. The knight or the knight's steward then makes an opposed Stewardship roll against Bad Weather. The results determine the knight's economic status for the following year.

Ex. The GM rolls a d20 for bad weather and comes up with an 8. The knight's steward has a skill of 11. In an opposed roll, the GM rolls against bad weather's skill of 8 and gets a 10, a failure, whereas the knight's steward rolls a 9, a success. As a result, the knight is rich for the following year.

Clothing value is halved.

If you have any special horses, roll on the Stable table to see if it died.

Phase Four: Family

If you wish to marry below your class, make a Loyalty (Lord) roll to get permission, If successful, you acquire a dowry of 1d6 L, 10 glory, and a wife.

To marry within your class, make a Courtesy roll. If successful, you may roll on the random wife table. This roll may be "banked" over the span of several years. For each year, add a +1 to your roll on the random wife table.


Any knight may roll on the Childbirth table. It is assumed that unmarried knights have concubines or lovers.

Any children under 15 merit a subsequent roll on the Child Survival table.

Extended Family

This is mostly for flavor and is ignored in the short form winter phase.

Phase Five: Training and Practice
The knight has three options:

Gain 1d6 in skill points. These may only be applied to skills below 15, and no skill may be raised beyond 15.

Add one skill point to a skill above 15 to a maximum of 20.

Add one point to an attribute, trait, or passion. No trait may be improved above 19, and no passion may be increased over 20.

He may also roll 1d3 skill points and apply them to his NPCs (squire, wife, steward, marshall, etc).

Phase Six: Calculate Glory
Knights that missed the year's adventure receive only the basic glory awards for famous traits and holding land.

Holding a manor: 6 glory/year.
Traits and passions at 16 or greater: The rating/year.
Being rich: 10 glory/year
Being superlative: 20 glory/year

Winter Phase Long Form 1066

There are several solo scenarios available:

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