The Towers of Chateau d'Ambreville

The Chateau d'Ambreville is recognizable for is myriad of prominent towers. While the Company of Crossed Swords has explored a handful of these structures, most remain a mystery. The Orcs of the Burning Brand Tribe generally avoid exploring these structures, preferring to keep to their area of security within the central courtyard of the castle.


Alienor's Tower: This large corner tower was explored by the company. The company met a powerful wraith named Seferan Develt, avoiding his wrath by agreeing to put his remains to rest. Of late, the company has used an stair in the tower's basement to access the Chateau dungeons. map

Tower of the Eye:

Onesiphore's Tower

Dragon Tower: This ominous tower appears to be filled with a huge shaft reaching into the earth, ominously lined with what appear to be cyclopean rungs. Pritchard Hood flew down down down, at least ten, but possibly many more floors and found a great cavern at the bottom, where he saw a huge pair of luminous eyes, and bravely flew away.

The Postern:

Raven Tower:

Cezarine's Tower: Richard Loubou first discovered his entryway into the Chateau through a fissure in the side of the tower.

Vertume's Tower: A door in the tower connects the South Ward to a hidden area off of the main aviary of the Grackels. A laboratory housing a magical vat built for use in the creation of arcane lifeforms lies beneath. A skeleton possessing a strange intelligence was roused and subsequently destroyed by the party as they explored, presumable the remains of Vertume herself.

Gallows Tower: It is rumored that powerful undead dwell within

Wyvern Tower (and Wyvern's Sting):

Marsile's Tower: It is not clear what the above ground portions contain. It is said that the dangerous metal doors beneath the towers guard the laboratory of the immortal Wizard Marsile.

Fallen Stone Tower:

Bleeding Tower: Many of the orcs of the flaming brand reside herein, they have told stories of a reddish goop discovered oozing from floor, ceiling, and wall.

Moon's Edge Tower: Flocks of birds have been observed in their thousands about the tower's peaks and gables.

Mazenod's Watch: This apparent guard tower is an outlier from the castle proper. The company found an evil well full of undead beneath, and a blocked passage that seemed to lead under the Chateau (or perhaps the cemetary).


Mosscreep Tower:

Flame Tower (and Flame's Fang): On rare occasion, gouts smoke issue from the main tower, on dark nights, fiery glows can be seen to flicker inside its windows*.

Storm Tower: Terrible monsters have been espied by those who brave this region, while blue flashes issue in the night. The company explored this tower to discover a huge frankenstein, the slew the creature and recovered a powerful staff.

Night Eye Tower

Serpent Tower: This five story stone tower was the home to a vile snake god. The party defeated the creature, looting her foul shrine. In this battle Rainbow the Elf and Karven were killed (Karvenn came back), and Martin was horribly cursed.

Spider Tower:

* As described by the orcs of the Flaming Brand, thence recollected by Martín Le Black.


Player Map.


Chateau facing north.

Chateau facing east.

Approximate noon-time view of Chateau from outlying Marganod's Watch tower.



Tower heights:

  • Most towers are 4 stories.
  • The Gatehouse and the Postern are 2 stories.
  • Mosscreep Tower, Spider Tower, Dragon Tower, Flame's Fang, Serpent's Fang and Wyvern's Sting are 3 stories.
  • Flame Tower, Serpent Tower and Cezarine's Tower are 5 stories.


  • The walls all have crenelations.
  • Flame's Fang, Serpent's Fang and Wyvern's Sting are connected to their associated towers by elevated bridges rather than ground-level walls.


  • Towers have flat crenelated roofs (Exception: Flame Tower and Serpent Tower have pointy spires.)
  • Onesiphore's Tower has a small two-story watchtower rising from it.
  • Cezarine's Tower has two small two-story pointy spires rising from it.
  • The Gallows Tower has a gallows atop it.
  • The darkened area of the Cloister is roofed (this is 1 story tall).
  • The Donjon has a hip roof; the central axis runs north-south and is about even with the 5-story towers.


  • The south edge of the base of the Serpent Tower is smashed. A crack runs up the wall but doesn't make it to the roof.
  • The bridge connecting the Serpent's Tower to the Serpent's Fang has collapsed.
  • The eastern half of Cezarine's Tower has collapsed. The spires atop the tower are in sorry shape.
  • The northwestern corner of Marsile's Tower has collapsed; most of the upper story of the rest of the tower has fallen in.
  • There's a massive breach in the wall between Marsile's Tower and the Wyvern Tower.
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