Session #25: The Others Die Of The Coin

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Session 25

Characters in the session:
Lydio the Spider Dwarf
Father Wonder
Ookla (killed by creeping coins)
E.N. Lightenment

Experience from Session 25:

6,059 XP from combat:
- six sky-striders
- one evoker, their commander
- five henchmen
- fifteen bare-assed baboons, including some killed by the Killing Frost
- one gu'en-deeko with the memories of Tizun Thane (left for dead, actual fate unknown)
- one outbreak of creeping coins (left for dead, actual fate unknown)

3,530 from treasure (2,390 g.p., 114 p.p.)

- one cloak of Tizun's displacement (+2 to saving throws, first hit per day automatically misses, afterwards +2 to AC, aka four extra lucky numbers)
- one ring attuned to Tizun's hall of mirrors
- one potion of polymorph self
- one potion of healing
- four sets of arcane books ransacked from Tizun's library (these can be used for anti-carousing, aka a carousing-type move which may earn up to 1,000 GP for the PC who successfully finds the right buyer for them)
- spell books ransacked from Tizun's library (these contain the unusual spells mirror image and shield, plus a number of other spells whose principles are so unusual that they will require a research move to translate into a spell you can cast: Blessed Rite of the Studious Masters, the Conjuration of Conjuration, Deadly Magma Beams, the Seductive Rite of the Agile Dancers, The Lordly Charm of the Wise Returners, and The One Thousand Witcheries of Specter Slaying; by using the books, eight spell-levels of research can be performed towards these spells for free).

Also Calling the Ninth Menegril

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