Session #27: The Mummy High Priest And His Finger Of Death

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Session 27


The Players
Ookla the Mok (David)
Maldoor (Thaddeus)
Jari the Dwarf (Eric)
Bartholomew Honeytongue (Eric)
Boddin the Enchanter (Jeff)
E.N. Lightenment (Carl)
Garrett the Thief (Jared)

Enemies Defeated
1 Undead High Priest
4 Mummies
4 Zombies

Arst, the charmed Ogre
The Killing Frost (spectre version!)

Treasure Recovered
An unholy eye symbol, from an evil high priest
golden headdress worth 4,000 gp
30 ceremonial arrows made of silver, sheaf worth 1,000 gp
Finely crafted mace with golden head worth 1,000 gp
Golden battle axe worth 5,000 gp
Platinum-coated ceremonial box worth 3,000gp
Battle-tunic, resistant to age and stains (possibly of interest to Rakotis?)

total treasure value a whopping 14,000 gp

Important Discoveries

  • Rakotis has two weaknesses: expensive clothes and finery - which he "wears more often than a high-level fighter should" - and his concubine/mistress, Naine.
  • The hill giants and the frost giants are apparently both directed or influenced by the "Goblins of the Underthrone" who "whisper to them both."
  • The relics/remains of the Verdant Paladin are now in Pharoh's Tomb, located north of Hruhrudingfalor. Whatever is there is aware of scrying attempts.
  • The frost giants will not strike the Fortress of First Principles until the first frost that "freezes the ground from dawn to dusk without thaw." It is currently April in White-Box-Land, so that puts the assault in November or so (about another 22-24 sessions away).

The party assembled at the formerly lost caverns of Thracia, in the halls of Barragin and his dwarves. EN Lightenment, Ookla, and Maldoor there met Garrett, Boddin, and Jari the dwarf, and invited them to seek thier fortunes as members of the grey company. A quick expedition to Ontussa revealed several points of interest, including the influence behind the union of the hill and frost giants, some insight into how Rakotis might be defeated, and how the High Priestess might try to magically influence a fight between Rakotis and Ookla. Maldoor cast Remove Curse on Ontussa, but he was not powerful enough to break the curse. Ontussa was sad that Lotur was not along to visit.

Celerion was hired to convey the group towards where Ontussa described the Pharoh's Tomb, a place she was to scry since there "was something there aware of scrying." A secret door was found in the side of a hill leading into a series of corridors and rooms. After some hesitation and reluctance to open any of the possibly trapped stone doors in the complex, the group opened one of the two only plain, wooden doors. Inside was a plain room featuring four mummies.

This began a long melee between the party and a group of undead. Led by an undead high priest, four mummies and four zombies attacked the party. EN Lightenment successfully turned the mummies; the high priest un-did the turn and reinforced the morale of his troops. The high priest cast finger of death at E.N. Lightenment, who made his save and summoned the avatar of the killing frost: a spectre. The party fled down a corridor and listened to a five minute melee between the killing frost and the undead. Then silence, and the doors to the room were shut from within…

Hoping to find few remaining combatants, the party burst back into the room. But the killing frost had been defeated; the high priest, four mummies and a remaining zombie remained. A lighting bolt slew the high priest, but Arst the Orge was slain by the mummies, and Jari was reduced to no hit points and could only crawl away, alive due to his strong constitution. Both Jari and E.N. Lightenment suffer from the diseased touch of the mummies, and require cure disease before they can heal.

As usual, flaming oil and holy water proved to be powerful and flexible tools, and the party managed to kill the remainder of the undead. We liberated the treasure and carefully pulled the door shut behind us, hoping to return in a week with more forces and more holy water…

A few awesome moments
Ookla wrestling to overpower Thirster's fear of the undead and winning, then losing, then winning again.
E.N. Lightenment summoned a spectre!
Boddin the Enchanter fleeing from the mummy fight… deeper into the dungeon to make sure we got to see the next room.
Jari the Dwarf getting clawed for waaaay too much damage and being reduced to exactly zero hit points.
Garrett the thief finding poison not once, but twice!

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