The Lucanii Drift - Session 1

Game Session 1

James as Ens. Theresa White-Linen, Commanding Officer
Peter as Ens. Dr. Zangor, Counselor
Fano as Ens. Chemisa Rojas, Chief Navigator
sternum as Ens. Jhonny Katzenjammer, Chief Engineer

Mission Date 127 (cont’d)
The crew of the Endeavor is contacted by Lieutenant Darrem, Chief Security Officer on Starbase Keppler. She requests that the Endeavor redirect to nearby coordinates, where the incoming mining freighter MX-319 refuses to answer hails. The Endeavor is to investigate and commandeer, tow or divert the freighter.

As the Endeavor approaches the freighter, two pursuing ships suddenly appear behind it on the long range viewer.

The ships have their shields raised, are much larger than the Endeavor, and of a configuration never seen before. Commander White-Linen chooses to hail the ships, and Sentient Life Officer Dr. Zangor offers peaceful greetings. Soon they have a visual of one of the crew of the opposing ships: a grasshopper-headed humanoid.

“Non-beings! Leave this area of space at once. This is your final warning.” The channel cuts, and the two large ships turn and leave.

Engineer Katzenjammer uses a graviton particle beam to change the freighter’s course. The Endeavor then matches its course and speed, and teleports an away team of White-Linen, Katzenjammer, Rojas and Zangor to the freighter’s cargo bay. The team equips themselves with communicators, auto-analyzers, radiation suits, jetpacks and weapons, but since they are all lowly ensigns, no one gets all of them. Confederation rules regarding equipment requisition are very tight for new officers.

Zangor finds no humanoid life signs on board MX-319, but does find some non-humanoid life signs on the bridge and in engineering. Katzenjammer takes Rojas to engineering to shut down the ship’s engines, while White-Linen and Zangor investigate the bridge. As the first pair moves aft, they discover among the pods of compressed rare earths an open pod with some singed (and, to the Felician, delicious-smelling) fur.

Peeking through the hatch to the bridge, White-Linen spots three bodies, the ship’s pilot and two miners, dead on the floor. She also sees something skittering away. Eager to get to the controls, she asks Dr. Zangor to cover her.

WHITE-LINEN: Do you have any ranged weapons?
DR. ZANGOR: Yeah. My hands and a jet pack.

White Linen enters the bridge, but, threatened by the human, rats sparking with electricity attack her.

In the ensuing fight, Zangor puts one into a choke-hold, while White-Linen vaporizes another, but the electrical fields given off by the rats overcome the officers…

Meanwhile in Engineering, Katzenjammer rolls swiftly over two more bodies to the controls, while Rojas covers him. Rojas spots a sparking rat, but this one only wants to be Katzenjammer’s friend, sidling up to him. Katzenjammer gets increasingly agitated, demanding that Rojas kill the rat; but Rojas, remembering her Confederation oath, will not harm a creature that is not harming them. The furious Katzenjammer shuts down the engines, plugs into the ship’s computer to download the records and logs, all the while upbraiding the stoic Rojas. The two then leave to investigate why the captain isn’t responding on the communicator.

They find Zangor and White-Linen stumbling around on the bridge, Zangor with an unconscious rat in his arms, and White-Linen chewing on a swollen tongue. The rats have vanished. When the captain and the doctor come to, White-Linen orders the crew to take a rat for study in the biology lab, and a body for autopsy. Katzenjammer logs an official objection to bringing the rat aboard, but he is overruled.

Back aboard the Endeavor, the crew discusses how to rid MX-319 of the rats. White-Linen and Katzenjammer concoct a plan to irradiate the freighter by lowering the shielding on the ship’s nuclear drive. Katzenjammer returns to the freighter, this time with Security Spaceman Diggles, a mild-mannered human who will probably kill whatever Katzenjammer tells him to out of politeness. Fortunately they encounter no rats on the mission. Katzenjammer tethers the freighter’s controls to the Endeavor's, and they return to remotely begin the two-day irradiation process.

Upset by the day’s events, Katzenjammer has a therapy session with Dr. Zangor, which is more effective than any that happened on Star Trek: TNG.

Mission Date 128
As Chief Science Officer, Dr. Zangor ordered research on the electrical rat, and an autopsy of the miner. He assigns Spaceman Xox, a laconic Tauran (the most logical species in the Confederation) to the rat. The autopsy returns what Zangor suspected: in spite of the burn marks on the body, he did not die of electrocution. Instead, he died from a high concentration of nitrogen gas in his tissues. The environmental records showed no changes to the atmosphere, but they did show several industrial nitrogen cartridges missing.

Katzenjammer’s downloaded crew logs show that the freighter MX-319 had a six-person crew, five miners and a pilot. They were bound for Scoop City, a mining colony on Lucanii Nu 2-2 in the local sector. They then went dark as they were bound for Lucanii Theta 4. After approximately two months, they re-emerge from silent running at Scoop City, chattering about hitting it big and getting rich, though their cargo doesn’t seem remarkable. After departure from LN 2-2, one miner begins leaving cryptic logs: “It’s wrong. They should be free. I’ll free them. If they try to stop me, I’ll stop them.”

Katzenjammer and Rojas also studied the compilation of visual and sensor readings of the encountered alien ships. They determined that the ships' large size was due to the fact that the technology was generally more primitive and less efficient than current FTL technology, although the long-distance cloak is currently beyond that of the Confederation.

Mission Date 129
The irradiation and venting now complete, Katzenjammer, Rojas and Zangor return to the freighter with Spaceman Diggles. They search the crew quarters, and discover some rubbings of unknown rune carvings on ancient parchment, and a squat figure of a chubby humanoid with an armadillo-shaped head.

Zangor takes these items for the lab, and the crew returns to the Endeavor. White-Linen orders a tow of the MX-319 to Starbase Keppler.

Mission Date 130
The crew of the Endeavor has completed its first mission in the Lucanii Drift. Aboard the bridge, Ensign White-Linen asks the bridge crew to stop shutdown on their consoles, and allow her a moment to address them formally for the first time as their commander.

"Starfleet's purpose is exploration.

To expand the borders of our knowledge

To alleviate the suffering of others

This is extraordinary. It represents the highest dreams of my home world.

Though the dream itself be worthy, it is further ennobled by our methods: fantastic ingenuity, spiritual insight, and incomparable daring. For this dream is not easily achieved: we must struggle for it, even as our forebears struggled, risking our own lives to improve the lives of others yet unborn.
This dream, the methods we take to achieve it, the dangers we face: we have embarked on the galaxy's greatest enterprise.

There is one thing only I ask of you. As far as this dream stands far above all other dreams, I ask that you now stand as far above all you have ever been. To your right and to your left stand your fellow crewmen. To fall short of your very best puts their lives at risk. They stand here ready to give their all for you, as Captain Cygnus did; do not let such courage go unequalled.

Our mission is to boldly go where no one has gone before. By encountering the Other, we discover our true selves. On this day, and all days on the Endeavor, let us be heroes."

Who are the hostile grasshopper people? What happened to the MX-319 during its two months of silent running? What was so special at Lucanii Theta 4? What’s with all the rats, and what will Xox’s research reveal about them? How did the crew die from apparent decompression sickness? What is the origin and significance of the rubbings and the statue? What will the crew find when they disembark to Starbase Keppler? Next time, on Starships&Spacemen: The Lucanii Drift!

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