The Lucanii Drift - Pre-Game Session

Pre-Session Game Events

Mission Date 1
The CSF Endeavor, the first of a new generation of Cavalier class destroyers, launches from Starbase Anterra, commanded by Captain D'kembe Cygnus, a thrice-decorated Human veteran of the Zangid-Videni War, who plans to retire after this one last mission and sail the galaxy in the space-yacht he just bought. Important officers include:

  • Executive Officer: Ensign Theresa White-Linen, a Human recently transferred from the Auberboche after a successful survey of space scorpions in the Desilu Deeps.
  • Chief Engineer: Ensign Jhonny Katzenjammer, a Felician Cat-Person. Katzenjammer graduated at the top of his class at the Academy, but his career went sideways when he fell into the warp core during a reactor breach. Now he's more machine than cat! Ensigns call him "PURRBORG" behind his back.
  • Navigator: Ensign Chemisa Rojas. Helmswoman and daredevil pilot. This green skinned Rigelian lady is ready for all types of action and all comers! The idea of meeting new species is … exciting. Don't misunderstand, or else you may lose more than just your head. Like her academy instructor(s). Probably why she is assigned to a mission as remote as possible.
  • Sentient Life Officer: Dr. Zangor, a Gorran Lizard-Person. As young lizard, Zangor was MIGHTIEST WARRIOR of GORRAN ARENA. Zangor win GREAT GLORY, but after early retirement, Zangor have PERSONAL CRISIS, and struggled with LOW SENSE OF PERSONAL WORTH!!! Zangor spend much time WORKING ON ISSUES through INTENSIVE GROUP THERAPY and resolved to LIVE HIS BEST LIFE!!! Zangor JOIN FEDERATION to EXPAND HORIZONS !!!. Zangor rise quickly in rank, and innovate field of REHABILITATIVE WRESTLING. Now Zangor is SHIP COUNSELOR on Starship CSF ENDEAVOR and help crewmates develop PERSONAL STRATEGIES for dealing with EMOTIONAL CRISIS and ON JOB STRESS!!!

The CSF Endeavor is assigned to a one-year mission to explore the Lucanii Drift, a collection of stars above the main galactic disc where the Confederation is located. Initial surveys have located warp crystal deposits of unusual purity, which is why the Confederation is eager to survey the region. The Drift has recently become accessible, thanks to a series of waystations built across the rift to facilitate travel. This access path is called the Corridor: a three-month journey at warp 4, buffeted by hyperspace distortions, weaving between dangerous pulsars. Nevertheless, the Corridor is currently the only (known) safe passage to the Drift.

In spite of the promise of resources and territory, the current conflicts with the Zangid Star Imperium and the Videni Cohort preclude the Confederation from sending a fleet. The SFS decided to rush a new design of Cavalier class destroyer into production, and dispatch that ship to the Drift with a crew of the fleet’s finest (or most well-connected, or most expendable) young officers and recruits. The urgency of mission launch has increased recently, because Fleet Intelligence has learned that the Zangid are seeking their own path to the Drift.

With order to explore the Lucanii Drift, the Endeavor sets out into the Corridor at Warp 4.

Mission Date 25
The Endeavor arrives at Marco Alpha 7, the first of three waystations on the trip through the Corridor. She has suffered hyperwarp instabilities during the journey, but these are blamed on design flaws shaking out on her maiden voyage.

Mission Date 50
An enlisted spaceman, Paxton, shows signs of psychological instability. Captain Cygnus orders him to visit Dr. Zangor for counseling. Dr. Zangor immediately penetrates the spaceman’s disguise and recognizes him as a surgically altered Zangid spy. He alerts the crew, though the Zangid escapes his alligator grip. Finally cornered by Ensign White-Linen, the Zangid initiates a quantum cascade bomb he has placed in the nacelle (the cause of they hyperwarp instabilities). The explosion will not only obliterate the Endeavor but create subspace ruptures for parsecs around the explosion, effectively sealing off the Corridor to hyperwarp travel. Unwilling to risk the lives of anyone else to save the ship, Captain Cygnus heroically performs EVA in warp space to decouple the bomb—at which point the warp shear effects shreds him into subatomic particles spread across a dozen light years. Fortunately, Ensign Katzenjammer is able to prevent a reactor breach by bypassing the mains in the matrix intermix chamber, suffering horrible disfigurement in order to save the ship. Smashing out of warp, Ensign Rojas's skillful piloting prevents the ship from plowing into Bifrost Colony Station at a significant fraction of light speed.

Mission Date 81
Repairs complete at Bifrost (the midway point of the Corridor). Ensign Katzenjammer outfits himeself with a cyborg body made of pieces of the Endeavor. He and Rojas oversee a refit of the ship's propulsion and steering systems. Dr. Zangor reports successful psychological rasslin' with the grieving crew, and so Acting Commanding Officer White-Linen deems the Endeavor and its crew fit to resume the mission, inspired by Captain Cygnus's heroic sacrifice. She promotes Fire Control Officer Ensign K’taath, a Felician, to XO. In order to make up for lost time, she orders the ship to warp 6.

Mission Date 96
The Endeavor arrives at Marco Epsilon 3, the last waystation in the Corridor.

Mission Date 127
The Endeavor arrives at Starbase Keppler, the Confederation gateway to the Lucanii Drift. The Crew is eager to disembark for shore leave, before beginning their mission in earnest. But something about that anxious hail from the Starbase makes them think they won't be stretching their legs just yet.

(compiled from material by skidoo, James N., sternum, Fano & Peter)

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