The Lucanii Drift - Intersession 2

Intersession 2


Mission Date 139 (cont’d)
As the Endeavor approaches Starbase Keppler with the salvaged robot ship in tow, Lt. Darrem hails them with some irritation. "Endeavor, what's that ship astern?! We do not recognize its configuration! I don't know how Space Fleet handles things, but Colony Services regulations forbid - !"

Ens. White-Linen explains that it is simply a salvaged ship full of killer robots, pacified with experimental liquid cat-brain and psychically conjoined with her chief engineer.

The silence on the comm is followed by Darrem's heavy sigh. "Bring it in to docking bay three."

Repair Bay

From his diagnostic station, Sub-Lieutenant Golmak, the Dreiped repair dock Chief, does a quick survey of the battle damage to the Endeavor. With three hands available, he can rapidly flip through several cameras on remote repair drones buzzing around the mid section. He brings one close to a section of beam-scorched external plate.

“Not too bad, not too bad. Takes a licking, this ship! I’ll have her just as you found her at Anterra! Four days, don’t worry!”

He looks out the large viewport toward docking bay three, at the robot ship. Returning to his comm. panel, he flicks a switch on his computer viewer, to a visual feed of Ens. Katzenjammer in the robot ship’s “bridge,” sitting perfectly still, tethered to the pilot-robot.

“Not to bad, not too bad. Resilient, this Felician! I’ll have him just as you found him…well, however you found him.” He flicks off the feed. “Might take a little bit longer…”

Mission Date 140

Ens. Theresa White-Linen

In her quarters, the acting captain of the Endeavor goes over the data tapes provided by the Caeliferans. It is a visual recording of a Caeliferan ship, under attack. There’s a great deal of data disruption and chaos, so it’s difficult to determine who the Caeliferans are fighting. The Caeliferans seem to be taking the worst of the battle. Finally, a ship swings around into view on the main screen. It is unmistakably a Zangid frigate.

Ens White-Linen thinks on this, and on the surgically-altered Zangid spy in the brig on Starbase Keppler. And she thinks on the Caeliferan response to her ship in their first encounter. And she begins to form a plan.

Ens. Chemisa Rojas

The force field on Ens. Rojas’s brig unit releases with a short buzz. Lt. Darrem greets her with the traditional Rigellian combat stance. “The tribunal has found you innocent of the charge of assault. However, there is no dishonor to you in this, because the tribunal recognizes our traditions with regards to poor eyesight and bowling. You must now vacate this cell. May you break the backs of your enemies with grace and good manners.”

Ens. Tintarella di Luna

The Ensign steps off the transport, bringing several families of colonists. Di Luna had… interesting conversations with one family… but surely she is making it more than it seems. After a three-month trip through the corridor, her mind was probably seeking out something out of the ordinary.

Reading the ported list, she sees that her new ship is in dock. She will not have to wait to report for duty to the Endeavor as the new communications officer. And it's in the repair bay! She looks out the viewplate, and sees a carbonized hull plate being replaced. Already seen battle, and only in the Drift a couple of weeks? This should be exciting.

Mission Date 141

Ens. Theresa White-Linen

On her way off ship, Ens. White-Linen stops aboard ship to speak with Sp. Sato, who is busy researching the Caeliferan DNA in an attempt to simulate their brain structure. White-Linen has a small project she needs done. Sato, unable to leave her research, assigns Nurse Luccio Lucci to the task, which will not take more than a day or two.

Meanwhile, in the Keppler's brig, the Zangid prisoner “Paxton” lounges in his cell, affecting a lack of concern.

White-Linen enters the holding area, and speaks to him through his brig cell door, standing just back from the energy field. In the best tradition of Space Fleet, offers him a chance for mercy. “You have no friends here. The Zangids have abandoned you. And what are you fighting for? What purpose does this serve? Help us by giving the location of your ships in the Drift.”

Paxton proudly brags of his devotion to the empire, to the beauty of its eternal path of conquest, and how he will never help Space Fleet.

White Linen shrugs, and release the field on his cell door. Nurse Lucci and two security guards enter. “I would like your permission to take some of your blood.”

Paxton sneers and stick out his arm, “Take what you want. It won’t help you.”

Nurse Lucci quickly extracts two syringes of blood. He and the guards step out of the cell, and White-Linen reactivates the energy field. Something in White-Linen’s slight smile breaks the Zangid spy’s bravado. “What are you gonna do with it?” he asks. She merely walks away. He shouts his question again, “What are you doing with that? What are you going to do?!”

White-Linen orders a genetic report to be prepared. She will extract blood samples from the Endeavor's crew, and prepare a report comparing the DNA markers of Paxton’s blood with theirs. She suspects that the Caeliferans don’t know that they are all separate species, but if she can convince them that the Confederation, made up of many different species, is not the same as the Zangids, perhaps she can prevent any more violent encounters.

Mission Date 142
Back aboard the Endeavor, White Linen gathers her officers to review a summary of requests by Colony Services, Space Fleet and the Tauran Science Academy. These missions, though not prioritized over exploration of the Drift, are a way to direct their exploration.

Scanning the list, they see the missing ship that was reported missing. Since the time probe is not ready yet, perhaps that’s best tabled still…

The Science Academy wants an anomalous star reading in Theta sector investigated. White-Linen has a distaste for those kinds of missions, always dull and dangerous…

Gateway colony is experiencing civil unrest, and it’s only two days from Keppler, in this very sector…

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