The Killing Frost

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The Church of the Killing Frost is known to have a temple in Hruhrudingfallor, led by Deaconess Lea Caja. The exterior of the Church is stone carved to resemble an ice cave, and the main altar is a solid block of permanent ice. The altar was robbed by an invisible gnome (brother to Cherry Pie) during the first ever White Sandbox session at Recess.

Long ago the Church developed a prayer that allows a dying breath, or air expelled from the lungs of a corpse, to condense on a piece of chilled metal, forming letters of frost that carry messages from beyond. A vault below the church holds sheaf after sheaf of these revelations, organized by no system other than inspiration and synchronicity. One of the pieces of chilled metal reads: "Most men will never love the Killing Frost, but it is easy to make them fear it. Frost giants do share the love of our master, and are thus feared by their lesser kin."

E.N. Lightenment, a cleric of the Killing Frost, believes the following:

The Frost sees this Age of Creation as corrupt. It is full of lying, cheating, stealing, decadence, and all other sorts of evidence of Man's failings. The Frost wants to end this Age and bring about a new one. Similar to the flood in Noah's time, the Frost wants a cleansing frost with which to wipe away all of it and start again.

The cold is greater the one who directs it to his ends?. The Frost has given its followers some ability to control the cold. But they are never greater than it. They are only using it to further the Frost's objectives.

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