The Hexarchy

The Hexalytic order embodies the "sixth arm" of Trianoma, her just fist, the force of law that smites chaos. Hexarchs are the elite warriors of Trianomma's clergy, a closed order that draws the most qualified holy warriors from the ranks of the church to fight chaos in it's direst forms.

Children born with "The Mark of Trianoma" (a third nipple) are taken on their sixth birthday to Gantelet, a secluded monastery in the hills between Glantri City and Trintan. Trained in the ways of her faithful, the young Hexalytes learn the edicts of Trianoma's law, and crafted into elite vessels of her mercy. Spending their days in cloistered classrooms, and their nights in the catacombs below, the young Hexalytes learn the wisdom of Trianoma and train to fight the physical manifestations of chaos on the earth.

Every three years, the Hexalytes undergo a rigorous series of exams testing their martial prowess, scriptural knowledge, and divine aptitude. Those who pass are sent by the Matriarch on a quest on behalf of the church. Typical quests include the purification of profane sites, the restoration of fallen temples, or the protection of important nobles. Upon their matriculation, the newly sanctified Hextant takes the first of three vows, and sets forth on their path to righteousness.

Hexalyte - A novice in the order of the Hexarcy
Hextant - A follower of the Sixth Path
Hexarch - A higher level priest in the servace of the Hexarchy

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