The Grey Company Spellbook

This is the list of communal spells accumulated so far:

Magic User Spells

Magic-Users in this age of creation are assumed to know only the standard list of first and second level spells contained in Men & Magic. Spells beyond those must be learned from another Magic-User, from a captured spell-book, or transcribed from a magical scroll. Maldoor, an early member of the Grey Company, did yeoman's work in acquiring the full set of third, fourth, and fifth level spells (from the captured spell-books of the lich Patariki Van). After Maldoor's death his collection of books became a valuable part of the Grey Company's ability to attract new magical talent: only members have access to this valuable trove.

Note: For spells not found in a TSR product, see descriptions here.

Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4 Level 5
Detect Magic Detect Invisible Fly Polymorph Self Teleport
Hold Portal Levitate Hold Person Polymorph Others Hold Monster
Read Magic Phantasmal Forces Dispell Magic Remove Curse Conjure Elemental
Read Languages Locate Object Clairvoyance Wall of Fire Telekenesis
Protection/Evil Invisibility Clairaudience Wall of Ice Transmute Rock-Mud
Light Wizard Lock Fire Ball Confusion Wall of Stone
Charm Person Detect Evil Lightning Bolt Charm Monster Wall of Iron
Sleep ESP Protection/Evil, 10’ r. Growth/Plant Animate Dead
Zolobachai's Impertinent Invitation Continual Light Invisibility, 10’ r. Dimension Door Magic Jar
Maldoor's Expedient Extinguisher Knock Infravision Wizard Eye Contact Higher Plane
Pugnacious Pugilist Excruciating Cauterization Slow Spell Massmorph Pass-Wall
Jump Force of Forbidment Haste Spell Hallucinatory Terrain Cloudkill
Push Strangulations Protection/Normal Missiles Rary's Mnemnonic Enhancer Feeblemind
Detect Undead Tarnu's Collaring Coiffure Water Breathing Magic Mirror Growth/Animal
Aphrodisiac Aura Maldoor's Sundering of Deathly Obligation Omar's Mistake Santander's Wasp Spell Distance Distortion
Spider Climb Stinking Cloud Invisible Stalker Seven Gates
Shield Mirror Image Tonal Attack
Enlarge Forget Nystul's Crystal Dirk
Magic Missile Nystul's Blazing Beam Explosive Runes
Unseen Servant Tinaharn's Blind Spot Blink
Feather Fall Blur Suggestion
Erase Phantasmal Force
Burning Hands The 1,000 Witcheries of Spectre Slaying
Tobias's Simian Valet Maldoor's Ritual of Rejuvenation
Word of IOUN
Reveal the Unseen
Strange Waters
Nystul's Magic Aura
Tobais's 10k Coin Porter
Deadly Magma Beams

Also, the Grey Company has learned one eighth level spell: Lunar Attraction

Another group resource are books looted from the manse of Tizun Thane. They contain the unusual spells mirror image and shield, plus a number of other spells whose principles are so unusual that they will require a research move to translate into a spell you can cast:

Blessed Rite of the Studious Masters
the Conjuration of Conjuration
the Seductive Rite of the Agile Dancers
The Lordly Charm of the Wise Returners
The One Thousand Witcheries of Specter Slaying

by using the books, eight spell-levels of research can be performed towards these spells for free; one has been used so far to research the One Thousand Witcheries of Specter Slaying.

Cleric Spells

Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4 Level 5
Cure Light Wounds Find Traps Remove Curse Neutralize Poison Dispell Evil
Purify Food & Drink Hold Person Cure Disease Cure Serious Wounds Raise Dead
Detect magic Bless Locate Object Protection/Evil 10'r Commune
Detect Evil Speak with Animals Continual Light Turn Sticks to Snakes Quest
Protection/Evil Speak with Plants Insect Plague
Light Create Water Create Food
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