The Eastern Roglaras

Player’s Info on the Eastern Roglaras

Each hex is five miles across. Some narrow tracks can be used, but there are no proper roads in this area. Generally, you can travel 4 hexes in a solid day’s travel. If most are mounted and/or rangers or elves are present, maybe 5 or even 6. If a wagon is involved, perhaps 3. Terrain like forests and hills will usually slow you down, costing an extra hex or half-hex of movement to enter, and may be impassable for some expeditions.

Encounters are rolled once for each hex entered, and once for each day or night without movement. This roll includes a possibility that you will become lost.

Brushwood: Light forest east of Modron. Bows made from the wood here are always in demand.

Dearthwood: Dearthwood is a vast and dense forest to the North and East of the City State. It is home to the Wild Orcs of the Purple Claw. The Overlord has posted a reward for the slaughter of the orcs and has staffed many surrounding strongholds to lead forays into the wood against the orcs. The wood is also occupied by many druids and the hardy Dunael wood folk, who are accomplished rangers.

Desolate Swamp: This swampy marshland is between two sets of highlands. Few travelers venture near the swamp because of rumors of a hideous hag and numerous trolls.

Estuary of the Roglaroon: This great river runs some 120 miles from the City State all the way to the sea. It is almost beach-like from the City State to Modron, where it becomes much deeper. Of late, there have been many pirate attacks on the shipping between Modron and the City State.

Gasconfold Plain: Nestled to the northeast of Modron, this plain is the home of wild horses and ponies.

Gilring River: Slow river drawing from the Roglaroon.

Gorbad Stream: Muddy.

Lightelf: Lightelf is actually a town of gnomes—one of the few in the Wilderlands. The gnomes of Lightelf cut timber and sellit to the nearby Skandiks.


Lost Man’s Trail: A track connecting Modron and the Pagan Coast.


Merrilin: Slow stream branching off the river Gilring. Fish are abundant.

Modron:Mo dron (Maw-drun) was once a thriving port city whose
inhabitants worshipped Modron, the Goddess of Rivers, and Proteus, the Shepherd of Neptune. Legends tell of merchant ships arriving from Tarantis and even far off Karak. The men of the city also traded with the merfolk of the underwater city of Crespar located near Modron. But the orc migrations from Dearthwood kept travelers and merchants away. The followers of the god and goddess blamed each other’s deity for the loss. Civil strife erupted and the temple of Proteus was submerged in the holocaust. The city was finally sacked and burned by orcs. Recently, with funds from the City State, a new town was
founded by followers of Mitra on the ruins of the old, to protect the Overlord’s merchant ships from river pirates. The past fifty years has seen the new port again filled with sailors, merchants and buccaneers. A legendary fortune is said to lie within the sunken temple's ruins.

Mouth of the Raglaroon: This delta is the mouth of the main river feeding the City State. The river is very deep and fast until it reaches Modron to the south, where its shallows out.

Pagan Coast: The coastline of the Winedark Sea east of the City State. So named because the area is dominated by the “pagan” Skandiks.

River Alderock: This narrow, deep river flows from the Adderwood into the Estuary of Roglaroon. There have been gold rushes here.

River Difring: Fast moving river that branches off from the Modron River into the hills west of Tegel

River Hagrost: This river joins the River Gilring and thereafter the Estuary of Roglaroon to form the Caravan Crossing River that leads downstream to the City State of the Invincible Overlord. Fish are plentiful in the river.


Tegel: Tegel is the market for the farms in the area and famous for the haunted Tegel manor, whose rich builders delved into forbidden magics.

Torn, River: Reaching from the Winedark Sea to the hills fifty miles inland.

Winedark Sea: The Winedark Sea is the largest body
of water in the Wilderlands. It stretches from the Uther
Pentwergen Sea near Valon in the north to the Sea of Five Winds past Oricha and the Isles of the Blest in the west and to the Silver Skein Isles in the south, and beyond—east to Karak and south to the Demon Empire. The sea is so named because its waters are a strange, deep reddish blue. Yet, despite its appearance from the surface, the water beneath is remarkably crystal clear.

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