The Company Grimoire

This table summarizes the arcane spells, scrolls, etc. at the disposal of the Company of Crossed Swords.

("Formulae" refers to writings that would ease the creation of magic items, such as those recovered from Zelig's laboratory in Quasqueton.)

Character Spells Spell Scrolls Transcribed Spells Formulae
Bouvier des Flanders Armor, Light, Protection From Evil, Magic Missle, Read Magic, Sleep; Acid Arrow, Phantasmal Force; Fireball Fireball none none
Goldfinch (retired) Charm Person, Detect Magic, Hold Portal, Magic Missile none none Potion of Gaseous Form, Shield +3
"Lord Zee" Comprehend Languages, Shield, Sleep, Charm Person, Read Magic none Magic Missile, Read Magic; Detect Evil, Knock; Invisibility 10' Radius none
Luc Triage Protection From Evil, Read Languages, Sleep none none none
Pritchard Hood Armor, Charm Person, Hold Portal, Light, Magic Missile, Read Languages, Read Magic, Sleep; Continual Light, Ice Knife, Insatiable Thirst, Levitate, (Knock), One Hour Zombie, Phantasmal Force, Web; Dispel Magic, Firebolt, Fly, Haste, Icelance, Invisibility 10' Radius, Stinking Cloud, Lightning Bolt, Fireball, Confusion, Dimension Door Invisible Stalker, Detect Invisible, Darkness, Levitate, Ray of Enfeeblement Wand of Magic Missile
Richard Loubeau (deceased) Grease, Light, Magic Missile, Read Languages, Read Magic, Shield, Shocking Grasp, Sleep, Ventriloquism; Phantasmal Force, Wall of Wind Locate Object Remove Curse potion of plant control
Robert Hazart Charm Person, Detect Magic, Light, Magic Missile, Protection from Evil, Read Magic, Sleep, Ventriloquism; Levitate, Phantasmal Force; Fireball Hold Portal, Dispel Magic, Cloudkill, Passwall Charm Person, Dancing Lights, Detect Magic, Floating Disc, Protection From Evil, Shield, Sleep, Ventriloquism; Fool's Gold, Knock, Levitate, Locate Object, Phantasmal Force; Clairvoyance, Fly, Water Breathing; Dimension Door; Animate Dead Staff of Striking
Wintergreen Floating Disc, Light, Protection From Evil, Shield, Sleep none none none
Glacier Floating Disc, Read Magic, Sleep, Protection from Evil, Charm Person, Knock, Phantasmal Force, (+1 for level 4) Fireball, Shocking Grasp & Bigby's crushing hand none none

The Company also possesses a number of more extensive tomes. These include:

In addition, the Company has access to the spellbooks of Phoebe d'Ambreville (currently located within Chateau Malinbois).

Several spells are included in a tome found beneath Alienor's tower: Armor, Detect Magic, Floating Disc, Magic Missile, Read Languages, Shield.

Several spellbooks have been recovered from the Chateau dungeons in recent months. These include:

Gwendoline's Spellbook (Charm person, Detect Magic, Protection from Evil, Read Magic, Shocking Grasp, Locate Object, Web, Wizard Lock, Haste, Hold Person)

Lessa's Spellbook (Detect Magic, Hold Portal, Light, Sleep, Gust of Wind, Knock, Levitate, Firestream*)

Spellbook, Author Unknown (Detect Magic, Firewater*, Floating Disc, Melt*, Read Magic, Sleep, Acid Arrow, Ice Knife, Insatiable Thirst, Phantasmal Force, Ice Lance, Water Breathing)

Bugbear Spellbook (Charm Person, Magic Missile, Read Magic, ESP, Haste Self*, Ray of Enfeeblement, Hold Person, Tears of Blood)

Giraud's Spellbook (Burning Hands, Detect Magic, Light, Magic Missile, One Minute Skeleton, Read Magic, Continual Light, Locate Object, Mirror Image, One Hour Zombie, Phantasmal Force, Darkvision, Dispel Magic, Fireball)

Bloodnail's Spellbook (Burning Hands, Charm Person, Floating Disc, Light, Spider Climb*, Audible Glamer*, Locate Object, Phantasmal Force, Web)

Spellbook, Author Unknown (Charm Person, Light, Read Magic, Shield, Sleep, ESP, Wizard Lock)

Bugbear Spellbook (Darkness, Hold Portal, Web, One Hour Zombie)

Cetan Hull's Spellbook (Charm Person, Protection from Evil, Magic Missile, Read Magic, Detect Evil, Invisibility, Wizard Lock, Continual Light, Fly, Lightning Bolt, Invisibility 10' Radius, "Protective Spell"*, Dimension Door, Curse, Wall of Ice, Magic Jar, Transmute Rock to Mud)

There also exists, in the possession of Pritchard Hood, a scroll with an unknown protection spell* on it, which purports to protect the user from magic. Further research is necessary to determine the effects of this spell.

*To date these spells are unknown in common usage, and their mechanical effects remain to be discovered.

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