The Big Red Box Rules


• The default rules are Red Box (Basic) D&D.
• However, see this amazing document to explore the old-school principle of Not Rules – Rulings! The entire corpus of multiple D&D editions will be drawn on when making rulings.


• You can be any of the classes described in Red Box, or can collaborate with the GM on creating a new class. Non-human races are represented as classes. No classes have level limits, and no classes allow experience bonuses for exceptional prime requisite abilities. We will attempt to make all classes fun over the long term, but balance is not a primary goal.
• Roll 3d6 for stats, in order (st, dx, co, in, wi, ch), 3 times. Choose the set of stats which appeals to you most.
• All player characters begin with 3,000 XP, so they will range from 1st to 3rd level when they begin play. They begin with 3d6X10 gold worth of equipment.
• Hit Points are re-rolled for each new adventure, at the moment when the character first takes damage. The die for first level is not automatically maxed.
• Write exactly three good sentences of background for your character as they begin play. Keep in mind that the most interesting part of the character’s life is yet to come (also the shortest part).

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