The Big Red Box Classes


Here's a notion for a new PC class. Please review and criticize! They may be much too powerful magically, but note their max spell level progression, and the kind of spells on their list.


Pixies stand no more than two feet high, and can be as small as 1 foot. They have wings resembling butterflies or dragonflies. They can vary from being lovely, plucky things with brightly colored butterfly wings to dark and twisted menaces with the buzzing wings of an immense fly. Pixies have a number of special abilities and limits as described below. Though pixies are rarely seen, they are still a presence, have some organization to their societies, and interact with the other races. They have a mischievous bent, and though largely inclined toward good, they are often vain and easily provoked.


  • Maximum strength of 9. Pixies are so small that they cannot apply their strength as effectively as larger creatures. Notably, they can carry only 1/8 the amount other characters can.
  • d3 per level hit points.
  • Fight as Magic User.
  • Use only Pixie size weapons. One-hand and missile weapons do 1 point of damage, 2-hand do 1-2 points.
  • Can wear the equivalent of leather armor. No shield. Bonus of 3 to AC due to small size and flight, additional bonus of 2 to AC vs. Missile Weapons.
  • Pixies can be said to flit rather than walk or fly. If limited to movement on the ground, pixies move at a rate of only 4”, and they can only sustain independent flight at a rate of 15” with no touchdowns for one round before needing to make an average (3d6) Con check at the beginning of each additional round to continue. If they fail, they can only move on the ground at 4” – or fall. While flitting (which means they have the opportunity to alight every few moments) they move at 12” like a regular human. Sustained flight is at the same rate. Generally, players of pixies should avoid the idea that they can hover out of the way of danger. Nope, they’re in it, and very small and vulnerable.
  • Pixies can hide in natural settings as halflings, hide in shadows, move silently, pick pockets, and hear noise as a thief, and can generally climb any wall that a thief could attempt with 100% success.
  • Pixies use pixie dust to cast spells. Pixies have only a little dust at a time, as shown on the table below. Some pixies keep their dust in a little bag, but really the pixie creates it out of their own magic, so it cannot be taken from them or lost. They can use the dust to create any magic they know, requiring one handful of dust for each level of the spell. Pixies regain their maximum amount of dust when they rest. Pixies add or subtract their Charisma mod from their available amount of dust.
  • Pixies can cast spells at the cost of a handful of dust for each level of the spell.
  • Pixies automatically gain knowledge of all the spells of each level they are able to cast, and can cast any without preparation.
  • Pixies can expend an entire day's supply of dust to permanently shrink wands, rings, amulets and certain other magic items to fit them and use their powers. They cannot shrink weapons, armor, staffs, or most wondrous items. It may be possible for a pixie to activate a wondrous item of normal size, but they may have a hard time carrying them around.
Level Exp Title Hit Dice Dust / Spell Level
1 0 Gnat 1d3 1/ 1
2 2500 Pixie 2d3 3 / 1
3 5000 Fairy 3d3 5 / 2
4 10000 Fairy Trickster 4d3 7 / 2
5 20000 Fairy Warrior 5d3 9 / 2
6 40000 Fairy Champion 6d3 11 / 3
7 80000 Fairy Legend 7d3 13 / 3
8 150000 Fairy Lord/Lady 8d3 15 / 4
9 300000 Fairy Prince/Princess 9d3 17 / 4
10 450000 Fairy King/Queen 10d3 19 / 5


First Level

  1. Light — no range
  2. Detect Magic
  3. Purify Food and Water
  4. Ventriloquism

Second Level

  1. Invisibility
  2. Detect Invisible
  3. Locate Object
  4. Speak with Animals
  5. Sleep — no range

Third Level

  1. Phantasmal Force — no range
  2. Invisibility 10' Radius
  3. Water Breathing

Fourth Level

  1. Neutralize Poison
  2. Speak with Plants
  3. Confusion — no range
  4. Dimension Door
  5. Growth of Plants
  6. Hallucinatory Terrain
  7. Polymorph Others — no range
  8. Polymorph Self

5th Level

  1. Conjure Elemental — no range
  2. Feeblemind — no range
  3. Passwall
  4. Teleport
  5. Transmute Rock to Mud
  6. Create Food
  7. Insect Plague
  8. Quest

6th Level

  1. Anti-Magic Shell
  2. Cloudkill
  3. Control Weather
  4. Death Spell — no range
  5. Geas
  6. Invisible Stalker
  7. Lower Water
  8. Move Earth
  9. Part Water
  10. Projected Image
  11. Reincarnation
  12. Stone to Flesh
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