The Afterlife

Following session #30, the Grey Company asked Patriarch Zekon to cast commune. His first question is whether it is consonant with the First Principles and the wishes of Arnold and Maldoor's souls to bring them back from the dead; the angel replies yes. His second question is what is the nature of any impediments to doing so; the angel replies that the souls of Maldoor, Arnold, and another human-like sentient from your plane of origin are all trapped together in a sub-world, and that Maldoor's link to his remains is too fragile for raise dead to function, but Arnold's soul remains sufficiently tied to its body to be recalled.

With only one question remaining, Zekon will go ahead and ask the angel to explain the situation that caused these three souls to be trapped together. The angel replies that several powers had been watching for the entry of Maldoor and Arnold's souls into the afterlife. The third soul appears to have been liberated at the same time as Arnold's and caught up along with his. It appears that these powers struggled over the disposition of the magic-user's souls, and that their disposition in the sub-world was the result. The angel conjures a vision of the sub-world:

Arnold, Maldoor, and a man who looks like Dennis Hopper in the role of Claudius from Hamlet are standing in the palm of an enormous stone hand, part of an even more enormous mountain-sized statue whose head and shoulders are an Everest-sized peak on the horizon. Like this, but much larger:


The fingers of the hand are shaped in a mudra; the wrist of the hand rises out of a steaming jungle. Leading up to the edge of the palm, you can see rough stairs cut into the stone; a tunnel has been bored through what looks like a gold bracelet on the stone arm. In a clearing in the jungle, you see a horde of what Zekon recognizes as lemures shuffling through the undergrowth. Elsewhere, you see an aerial squadron of what look to be human women riding leathery-winged creatures.


Zekon believes that the souls of the three have somehow attained corporeal form on this sub-world, although he can see that both Arnold and the Claudius-figure also have ties back to Arnold's body on this plane. He believes that it would be possible to have the Ninth Menegril open a gate to this sub-world, although its spatial precision might be uncertain.

When E.N. Lightenment was brought back from the dead after session 32, he reported having been called back from this stone hand, and that he and Into, the Mystic were met there by Maldoor, who had established a camp there. Into presumaby still remains.

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