Prominently mentioned in 33 Mermaids' Knot.

[Vmnn] impressed upon them the mysteries of the creature-god Suvuvena: the gods’ act of creation is not complete. Flesh is merely the raw material for the ongoing task of perfecting living forms.

Mastery of chimeromancy and worship of Suvuvena are synonymous. Well-read readers may find uncomfortable similarities between prayers to her and the healing petitions made to other gods.

Avorask’s goals exceed anything the sisters imagined. They intended to create new and better forms for the glory of Suvuvena. Avorask [who thinks he is Suvuvena] dreams of welding all life into a single, ecstatic organism.

In 5th Edition Dungeons & Dragons

Suvuvena is a goddess of Life. She is neither good nor evil, simply freakin' gaga about creating new living species.

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