Super Saturday

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The Super Heroes!

  • Aerosolo, the brash blusterer with the power of chlorofluorocarbons!
  • Chrononaut - Billy Mantlo has become unstuck in time!
  • The Green Mantis, master of the Mantis Claw technique!
  • Neon Ninja, who can hide in the shadow of the noonday sun!
  • Sea-Borg, the Gatherer!
  • The Starspanner, a cosmic engineer evaluating our Solar system for entry into galactic society.

The Super Villains! (or, Rival Heroes)

  • Commander Kodiak, a bear-themed super villain who can turn humans into his loyal army of bears. His allies include Siberiax and Ursa Negra.
  • The Monkey King, a horrendously self-satisfied mischief-maker, and perhaps the most dangerous martial artist alive.
  • Paper Tiger, half-human, half-fiction, and the world's most beloved super heroine. A glory-hog and bully.

The Game System

I'm flexible here. TSR published The Marvel Super Heroes game in 1984; it sold well, and thirty years later there are a lot of games loosely built on those early rules, and more or less backwards-compatible. I owned the original game as a kid and never really played it, so I kind of want to use it, but even I admit the rules are … weird in a few spots, and I'm open to the idea of changing them around through open discussion with players. You can find the Basic Game rules here and here (PDF files). You do not need to read these rules to play! Despite the page count, the game is fairly simple, and we're friendly to new folks.

James likes to run adventures, but he is happy to have others do so as well. Other people might prefer the more recent variations on the rules, but all of this stuff is very similar.

Here is a page for Super Hero House Rules, which other GM's are welcome to add to.

The Setting

We're playing in a "brand-new" super hero setting, so the comic book heroes like Batman, Wolverine, and Spawn don't exist in this world. Instead, the players are the center of attention. We're playing in New York City, at some undetermined year - someone suggested, loosely, 1992, and that doesn't sound too far off, but so far there's no real need to nail it down precisely.

  • The Fictionverse. Another dimension or plane of consciousness, possibly related to Jung's concept of the "collective unconsciousness," which may be the source of the human imagination. Home of the Baffler and Paper Tiger. Contrast with Puppetverse.
  • The Puppetverse. A dimension or plane of consciousness in which all behavior is driven completely by deterministic forces; you might claim to have "free will," but all this really means is that the true reasons for your behavior are unknonwn to you and your conduct is beyond your ability to predict. Contrast with Fictionverse.
  • The Starspanner Guild. An interstellar organization that constructs star-gates linking solar systems together. The exact science between manipulating gravity and the fourth dimension are closely held secrets of the Guild. Because FTL transit is a type of time travel, the Guild is fanatical in its belief that "Cause Must Precede Effect," and they hunt down rogue time travelers. Their representative in the Sol system is the Starspanner.
  • Status Q Savings & Loan. A new, Internet-based banking corporation that promises, "Your money stays right where it belongs." Headed by Kristina Quine.
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