Also known as Stryggal Threestakes, an orc magic-user and star of The Raid Mirror. When that adventure begins, Stryggal has devoured his wizardly mentor, and driven three silver stakes through his skull, each stake bound to a demon that gives him minor magical powers. On an exploration of al-Bim's Tower, Stryggal has recovered al-Bim's Mirror, a mystical device which lets him see across great distances and also create teleportation gates to that location. Almost immediately afterward, Stryggal kills his orc overlord, claims the orc-nest for his own, and then as warlord of Tirru-Stryggal he embarks on increasingly ambitious marauding.

From the beginning, the master of the mirror is no ordinary orc head-taker, but a summoner of considerable potential. What he lacks in technical skill, he makes up with improvisation and a reputation: dark powers know his willingness to provide generous sacrifices.

From his old master (whom he ate), Stryggal learned the secret of binding dark spirits to himself with silver stakes driven into the skull. As the adventure dawns, Stryggal Threestakes has three such stakes (hence his
name). The bound spirits grant him free use of telekinesis (one object up to half a man's weight), ventriloquism, and speaking in tongues. He carries an enchanted gnomeskull staff that grants the bearer silent movement.

Stryggal is an ambitious leader, unafraid of painful sacrifices (of his troops, or his person) to further his aims. In the early days, Stryggal will be focused on the prosperity of his nest and indulging petty grievances with
neighbouring orcnests. In person he will be violent and unpredictable with those he perceives as weaker, but inside him is a born negotiator. He believes anyone he cannot immediately overcome is worthy of dealing with, and he will explore possibilities enthusiastically.

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