An allegedly common feature of high-level play is the management of strongholds and dominions. The rules relating to strongholds have been rather minimal throughout the history of Dungeons & Dragons, but the treatment in Frank Mentzer's Expert Rules is perhaps the most comprehensive.

In order to acquire a stronghold, the character must "clear" a 6 mile hex of all monsters, either through extermination, negotiation, or what-have-you. Then the player draws up a map of the stronghold and construction begins. The territory is secure so long as regular patrols are sent out; the typical range of these patrols is 18 miles (3 hexes) except in swamps, jungles and the mountains, where there must be a garrison constructed every 6 miles.

Class Min Level Lingo Followers Notes
Cleric 9 Castle 50-300 crusaders church may pay half cost; crusaders morale 11
Fighter None Castle 8d6 soldiers soldiers only acquired at level 9
Magic-User 11 Tower 1d3 students
Thief 9 Hideout 2d6 gangsters at least one gangster is guild spy
Dwarf 9 Stronghold ? ?
Elf 9 Stronghold ? forest animals as early warning system
Halfling None Stronghold ? ?
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