Storm-Charged Staff

This oak and copper staff is tipped with a large aquamarine gem. Ranged electrical attacks that would strike the wielder, such as lightning bolt, are drawn harmlessly into the staff. The staff’s wielder and those adjacent to or behind her are protected from the effects of absorbed attacks; those between the wielder and the sources of the attacks are affected normally.

The staff gains one charge for each die of electrical damage it absorbs. It holds a maximum of 20 charges; additional dice of damage are dispersed in a vivid but harmless display of sparks. Note that absorption may not be completely effective against especially powerful electrical attacks. While the staff contains one or more charges, the aquamarine gem glows with power, illuminating a 5’ radius for every 5 charges (rounded up).

If the staff contains one or more charges, each melee attack made with the staff inflicts an additional 1d6 points of electrical damage. Each such attack consumes one charge.

The Company of Crossed Swords claimed the staff from atop the Storm Tower of the Chateau d'Ambreville. They they traded it to the house de Marais for the enchanted short sword Sixty-Six Fangs.

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