The Starspanner is an immensy powerful being who exists only partially in our three-dimensional space. Most of the Starspanner's super human abilities stem from interacting with the spacetime continuum in strange ways, ranging from displaying x-ray vision to passing through solid objects to manipulating gravity itself. The Starspanner also has advanced knowledge of extra-terrestrial physics and engineering, as well as access to technology from thousands of planets. The Starspanner is pictured here in a suit designed to aid interface with our local physical laws.

The Starspanner is an emissary from the Starspanner Guild, sent to evaluate the Earth to see if it warrants the construction of a star-gate - or, perhaps, to prepare this world for cosmic contact. His? Her? Its? attitude toward the Earth is difficult to determine. The Starspanner appears to find certain aspects of human civilization either unsustainable, inefficient, barbaric, or simply aesthetically displeasing, and sometimes takes unilateral action in response. Examples have included an attempt to irrigate the Sahara that ended in catastrophe (arguably due to human interference), triggering several volcanoes on the Pacific Rim to erupt so that the particles would deflect sunlight and counteract global warming, and allegedly committing genocide upon a tribe of Inuit living in the Canadian Arctic Archipelago.

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