Lost In The Woods

Characters might find themselves leaving the company of the other characters and going off on their own, out of the larger game. If a lone player knight gets lost due
to failed Hunting rolls (see the Hunting skill in Chapter 4), this scenario can be used as a compensatory solitaire. Of course, this solo can also be used as a generic guide for wandering groups of characters who become lost. (Note that most of Arthurian Britain is wooded.)

Step 1. Each day, roll on the table below. If modifiers are applied, any number less than 1 equals 1, and any number greater than 20 equals 20.

d20 Result Effect
1–5 Wander aimlessly without encounters.
6 Find a shrine. Make a Piety roll, a success granting a +2 modifier on your next roll on this table.
7–8 Bandits. See below.
9–10 Beast. Roll on Table 4–4 (in Chapter 4).
11–13 Hostile Village. You suffer a –5 modifier on your next roll on this table.
14–16 Friendly village. You gain a +5 modifier on your next roll on this table.
17 Hermit found. You gain food and water for one day.
18–19 Manor. See below.
20 You have reached a familiar area or otherwise regained your bearings, and can resume making Hunting rolls as normal to continue on your way.

Bandits: You are waylaid by 1d6 desperate bandits who attack with intent to capture and seek ransom. The bandits fight until half of them have been killed or incapacitated, at which point the rest flee; this counts as a defeat for purposes of Glory gained. They carry 1d6 pence each. If you lose, you are captured and ransomed. You are stripped of all equipment and held prisoner until winter, when your liege pays this ransom. After collecting the ransom, the bandits take you to the nearest road and let you go.

Manor: In a solo game, the Gamemaster may wish to expand this into a meaningful encounter. In a typical adventure, a manor may be of little consequence and should not be elaborated upon. Roll on the following chart to find the basic tenor of the encounter.

d6 Result Manor
1–2 Friendly. You are fed and offered a night’s shelter. Gain a +5 modifier on your next roll on Table C–2: Lost in the Woods.
3–4 Neutral.*
5–6 Hostile. You are most likely hurried off, possibly by arrow fire or harsh words.
  • Perhaps you must joust against the resident knight (Gamemaster’s design), after which you may treat him as Friendly or Hostile (based on his traits and your success or failure).
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