Player Lord_Bodacious
Class Gnome 5
Title Green-Cap Gnome
Alignment Neutral
Special Dark Vision, Thief Skills (Open Locks, Find/Remove Traps*, Move Silently), Dodge Big'uns, Languages (Common, Dwarvish, Gnomish, Goblin, Kobold, Orcish), Gnomish Spellcasting.
Strength 7 (-1 to hit, damage, open doors)
Intelligence 15 (reads and writes native languages, +1 added language, +5% xp)
Wisdom 13 (+1 on magic-based saving throws)
Dexterity 11
Constitution 9
Charisma 8 (-1 reaction adjustment; max. 3 retainers; 6 morale)
Armor Class 7 (5 vs. Large Creatures)
Hit Points 20
Special Ability
Engineer: Analyze and devise contraptions; reroll failed attempts to find or remove mechanical traps.
Gnomish Enchanter: Snickwick can cast spells as a Druid of half his level (OD&D spells & progression, round down).
Hold Mirror Image: Snickwick can expend a use of Hold Portal to leave his Mirror Images behind while he makes his escape.
Hold Portal, Detect Magic, Mirror Image, Invisibility Enchanter Spells
Noteworthy Possessions
1 Shrieker Pellet, Heart of the Mushroom King, Leprechaun Urine,, 3 Arrows +1, Muddlecarp Ring, Sandals of the Traveller, Scroll of read languages, wand of metal detection, wand of secret door detection, Puppet Golem ("Juniper"), Boots of Levitation, Pouch of Holding (to be lent out as needed), Fancy Chest, Hunter's Cap
Notes & Formulae
Potion of Diminution, Sword +2, Wood Golem, Dream Journal.


Snickwick is one of three gnomes that the Company of Crossed Swords rescued from Quasqueton, where an orc tribe had kept them enslaved. The gnomes now consider themselves allies of the Company. Snickwick is the only one who has expressed an interest in full membership; the others are clearly more sensible!

A short, sturdy creature fond of sweets and fine craftsmanship, Snickwick stands about 3 feet tall. He has bright, twinkling eyes, rosy cheeks, and a soft orange beard that ends in a point. Like most gnomes, Snickwick wears a pointy hat.

After a psychadelic mind-meld with the Mushroom King, Snickwick has discovered a new insight into the nature of existence, science, and nature. His agile mind now seeks to understand the great machine called life, in which the souls of all creatures are willing mechanisms.

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