Sixty-Six Fangs

The Company traded the Staff of Storms, recovered in the Chateau's Storm Tower, to the House Marais for a magic short sword of +3 enchantment:

The short sword is named "Sixty-Six Fangs." Though its metal is dark, its edge gleams brightly, as does a spiky spiraling rune carved into the forte of the blade. The hilt is yellowed ivory, with a burgundy-colored garnet set in the pommel. It was crafted by one of the first great Marais mage-smiths, who bound a powerful goblinish spirit (or collection of spirits) into the blade. Unfortunately the sight of the sword has the side effect of inspiring a supernatural rage among goblins toward the sword-bearer, so the Marais have rarely employed it.

The blade was first used battling a series of rocs. Afterwards, Hanna claimed a specific goblin chieftan, among the others, had rised to the forefront of the blade and participated in a string of successful hits. The abstraction of his form, and anger, she said she could see corruscating over the steel and pulsing in the hilt, informing her of the battlelord's name via those mystical vibrations. Whether elected democratically by the squalid host within or risen by some other method, she did not know.

A later fight against wights and zombies was less successful: a number of missed blows and an inability to protect Martin le Black from an energy-draining hit was the consequence of more than one chieftan struggling to occupy its stabbing tip. It is likely that future combats will allow these 66 chieftan's specialties in warcraft their moments to shine, and the halfling weilder will seek to record their presence as they come.

Chieftan Name Creature Fought Potentially Specific Objects Of His/Her Fury
Grizzlyguts several small rocs rocs, oversized animals, birds in general
Jockund Broosez a basilisk serpents, monsters with no legs, creatures with gaze attacks, basilisks
Crimson Snotrag three wights, eight zombies corporeal undead, monsters in tombs, energy-drainers
Mukluk Uk-Mukkl-Ha Muk three wights, eight zombies corporeal undead, monsters in tombs, energy-drainers
Earsnapper a doppelganger monsters that look like Richard Loubeau, doppelgangers, things that pretend to be priests or werethings
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