Sir Gadwick

Sir Gadwick is an elderly knight who acts as steward for Duke Ulfius. He resides in Levcomagus.

Gadwick is famous for his long-standing grudge against the knights of Salisbury. This hails back to the reign of King Uther, during which Sir Gadwick's one true love was wooed away by Earl Roderick, the father of Earl Robert. Since then, he spends considerable time planning and leading raids against the manors along the border between Silchester and Salisbury.

In 513, the young knights of Salisbury encountered the Steward of Levcomagus while searching for Sir Aelfric, the Saxon mercenary knight. According to the laws of hospitality, he invited them into his keep, but kept them waiting for a considerable amount of time so Sir Aelfric could escape. This resulted in Sir Carabad composing a biting poem about the cleanliness of Sir Gadwick's beard.

In 519, Sir Gadwick apparently dispatched Sir Morris to assassinate several Salisburian knights on the eve of Earl Robert and Lady Uffingham. Sir Carabad, caught without his armor and valiantly trying to fight with but a dagger, was badly injured and nearly slain. Sir Gadwick's vassal Sir Aelfric of Claxton then humiliated Sir Hervis at a tournament.

In 521, the Salisburian knights, incensed with perpetual raids on their lands from Levcomagus, ventured into Salisbury disguised and ransomed Gadwick for 150 libra. There is, perhaps, little honor in assaulting an elderly knight, but still less honor in suffering his constant outrages.

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