Sir Carabad

Sir Carabad is a knight vassal in the service of Earl Robert of Salisbury and the Irish King Anguish of Leinster. He won renown for both chivalry and foolhardiness.

Carabad owns manors in Woodford (a small estate in Salisbury) and a small manor in the Kingdom of Leinster in Ireland.

Major Social Relations

Carabad's father, Sir Neddig of Woodbury, was a vassal knight of Earl Robert's father, Roderick of Salisbury, who fought in several notable battles during the final days of King Uther Pendragon. Sir Neddig perished with spectacular glory in the apocalyptic Battle of St. Albans in 495 A.D.

His love of the Lady Madule of the Raven Hair is as legendary as his hatred of Duke Derfel of Lindsey.

Peasants enjoy gossiping about Sir Carabad's year of service to the Swine King of the Forest Perilous.

Minor Social Relations

When Sir Cibno was a squire, he accompanied Carabad on some of his most agonizing misadventures.

Sir Kay, foster brother to King Arthur, once managed Sir Carabad's manor in Woodbury. Kay asserted, and his records showed, that Carabad's honey-bees produced no honey at all that year, though wagon after wagon left Woodbury for Caerlion heavily laden with combs. It is no doubt a mystery.

Early in his career Sir Carabad befriended Sir Laern of Silchester. They have been fast friends.

Sir Carabad's sister Nest married Sir Uwain but died shortly thereafter of mysterious causes. Sir Uwain disclaims any responsibility, but then, he would.

Sir Carabad mistrusts the Orkney and Pellinore clans, and once babbled of forming an alliance with Sir Ablamor of the Marsh, who was once offended by Sir Gawaine.

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