Sheepshead Ring (Ring of the Ram)

A mass of amber and dark resin fashioned into the shape of a ram's head encases the top of this ring, its eyes flecks of gold, its nostrils tiny shards of bright ruby, its circular horns fashioned from mahogany and platinum. It was discovered around the emaciated wrist of a harpy in the courtyard of Rogwallow Castle after slamming Pritchard Hood against the castle wall.

The ring's primary ability is to project a tremendous bolt of force in one direction, the power of a battering ram. This can extend as much as 100 yards. A creature within this streaming bolt will take the full brunt, taking 1d6 points of initial damage and flinging it backward up to 20 feet. A save vs. spell ensures only a brief unbalancing and stumble, but no disadvantage, while a failed save means the victim is discombobulated by the shock, losing his senses for 1-2 rounds, and is potentially blown into pits and hazards behind him. A solid wall, for example, would cause another d6 of damage, at the DM's discretion. Also at the DM's judgment, penalties and bonuses may be applied to this save (e.g., -1 to save for smaller than man-size, -1 to save for Str below 12, +1 to save for creatures larger than man-size or four-footed creatures). The force provides a +3 bonus to opening locked or stuck door, if used in that manner.

This ability may be used once per day.

In addition, the ring surrounds the wearer with an intangible, barely perceptible shield that provides a +1 benefit to AC, although this dissipates when its battering ability is discharged and only returns when the ring regains its overall charge the next day. The wearer also suffers 1 hit point less per die of damage from falls while this shield is active (i.e. a fall of 30 feet would cause 3d6-3 points of damage instead of 3d6).

Any character class may use the ring.

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