Player Lord_Bodacious
Character Type Raccoon
Mental Strength
Physical Strength
Armor Class 10
Hit Points 38 (?)
Movement 10
Physical Mutations
Night Vision: Ability to see in the darkness of night as well as the light of day.
Mental Mutations
De-Evolution: Strip abilities from a mutant opponent by regressing it along ancestral lines.
Poor Dual Brain (D): This is a second brain which handicaps the function of the primary organ.
Epilepsy (D): This is a body paralysis that occurs in a variety of situations, leaving the body unable to respond to the environment around it, remaining motionless.
Artifacts & Equipment
Spool of coaxial cable (100ft), Hunting Knife, Headband


Shakes looks like a normal, if slightly overlarge raccoon (that is if you can ignore the headband, spool of coaxial cable strapped to his back, and the vicious looking hunting knife clenched in his teeth).

Shakes was raised by a kindly old professor, a powerful mutant psychic with the superhuman power to unravel the latent mysteries hidden in the artifacts of the ancients. Unfortuunately, his other mutation was a lack of arms and legs, making tinkering impossible. Professor Poole would send the nimble raccoon into the ruins of the ancients to retrieve their artifacts. Using his powerful psychic influence, the professor could control the actions of Shakes and investigate these wonders of the old world.

Tragically, the professor's powerful intellect ruptured Shakes' primitive procyonid mind, creating two distinct personalities. Shakes suffers violent epileptic fits (hence the namesake) plunging his refined psyche into the murky depths of his animal subconscious. Shakes' dominant personality is a clever thief, scout and tinkerer. The secondary aspect is simple raccoon, interested only in eating garbage and procreating with lady raccoons.

On the upside, the bifurcation of Shakes' conciousness revealed a latent ability to de-evolve a creature or humanoid mutant to it's primal state… are we not men?

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