Super Saturday Session List

Sessions of the Super Saturday super hero game.

Here is a list of unsolved mysteries and sub-plots.

Session Week Title Starring Quick Summary
SS01 0 "When Calls the Kodiak!" Chrononaut, Green Mantis The heroes foil Commander Kodiak's attempted bear-napping at the Bronx Zoo
SS02 1 "Burning Fever!" Chrononaut, Green Mantis, Neon Ninja, Sea-Borg, Starspanner The heroes rescue the residents of a burning building, and discover a contagious conspiracy among conspicuous consumers! Don't miss the debuts of the Neon Ninja, Seaborg, and the Starspanner, the sensational character finds of May 2014!
SS03 1 "Cry Justice! Cry Chrysanthemum!" Chrononaut, Seaborg, Starspanner The heroes valiantly vaccinate the virtuous versus the venom of vengeance! A Sino-sinister slave society squawks! And did Chrononaut just kill the dinosaurs?!
SS04 2 "The Children's Crusade!" Aerosolo, Starspanner A precarious experiment to save the life of diseased Leslie Rexroth leads to Doctor Z, the Black Condor—and mortal peril for the Starspanner! Don't miss the debut of Aerosolo, the sensational character find of June 2014!
SS05 2 "Revenge is a Dish Best Served … Dead!" Green Mantis, Luchasaur, Seaborg, Starspanner Professor Phobos may be dead, but his perilous plots plunge the polity into paranoia as the Mantis-Cycle rides like never before! Don't miss the debut of the Luchasaur, the other sensational character find of June 2014!
SS06 3 "Paper! Monkey! Tiger! King?!?" Chrononaut, Seaborg, Starspanner Teacher Huang stands trial for the crimes of the Red Death, but the White Chrysanthemum Society isn't about to let Chrononaut testify! Thrill to monkey madness as the heroes face not one, but two gloryhound gladiators!
SS07 4 "When A Bird Loves A Bear … " Aerosolo, Monkey King, Paper Tiger, Starspanner Newshound Vivian Taggart interviews the Starspanner, but the real story is Aerosolo's destruction of a devious deathtrap aboard the iniquitous Intangi-Bus! Can the heroes rescue New York from the Black Condor's nuclear blackmail?!?
SS08 4 "Where the Mantis Rides, He Rides … Alone!" Green Mantis When Ursa Negra stages a jailbreak, only the martial arts might of the Green Mantis can break the board we call injustice! And what fate awaits the fan-favorite Mantis-Cycle???
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