Featured in the eponymous Cage of Serimet, a celestial being now embroiled in a battle of wills against a mortal wizard named Yorta.

An order of paladins prayed for Serimet to intercede on their behalf to snare the wizard Yorta, and Serimet complied: each dawn, Serimet teleports Yorta, no matter where in the cosmos he might be, to a pentagram deep underground. So long as eight of the paladins perform a rite at dawn, Serimet renews the magic entrapment and Yorta is stymied.

Despite his imprisonment, Yorta has somehow managed to lure Serimet in the body of a couatl, and then to trap Serimet in between two cosmic pillars within the same underground cavern. Yorta will only free Serimet if Serimet frees Yorta first. This status quo has persisted for at least 20-30 years.

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