Dr. Cyrus Borgnine was an savant oceanographer that discovered an revolutionary technology, the Accumulation Drive. This powerful engine would allow the doctor to instantaneously collect pollutants from massive swathes of ocean and beachfront.

Nearing his death, Borgnine put his brains into a cyborg with the Drive in his belly. He became the Sea-Borg, but he still struggles with his depression. And he's a superhero now.


Borgnine retains his AMAZING powers of Reason. The Sea-Borg body confers INCREDIBLE Strength and Agility.


The Seaborg suit is equipped with an INCREDIBLE armor system that protects against the rigors of a deep sea environment.

The Accumulation Drive is EXCELLENT, it enables the Sea-Borg to amass any kind of matter from a six mile radius.

The Seaborg is equipped with an INCREDIBLE re-breathing apparatus that can support its organic systems indefinitely in the ocean's depths.

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