Scheduling Games

I just started a Meetup group in New York devoted exclusively to Dungeon Crawl Classics and Mutant Crawl Classics and thought you all might be interested.

I'm planning monthly Appendix N book clubs (starting with The Mathematics of Magic by de Camp & Pratt in August) and weekly games (starting with Mutant Crawl Classics: The Museum at the End of Time).

I don't have a high enough Karma to post links but if you search for "DCC MCC RPG NYC" on Meetup, you'll find it. Would love to see you there!

Next game July 8th everyone? I'm also available Monday July 4th by maybe 6pm but I assume at least one of us isn't, so that just leaves Friday according to our usual individual schedules. Chime in if you're looking to play July 4th evening, and if not everyone's available maybe I can try running a Danger Room thing.

Leaving out the date in the subject line because forgetting to change it there has been confusing since we tend to just continue the old thread anyway. Which, other than having the date in the subject line, is just fine. :-)

(BTW Does it serve a purpose to start a new thread each week or can we just make one "ongoing"?)

Bill is good only for Mondays and Fridays, but if we don't start the discussion by Sunday we may only have the one choice each week. So do we want to try for tomorrow or just go with Friday, I'm good for either.

Hey, guys- are we playing this week? I can do any night.

When do you want to play this week? I can do Tuesday, Thursday, or maybe Friday.

Hey, guys-

I'm down any day. Time to find and bring down Modok!

What do you say?

The continuing adventures of Steelbelt and Moon Knight and who knows who else. Who's in?

I'm free Tuesday and Friday. I'd prefer Friday, but I can do Tuesday if that works better for people.

Hey y'all! When do you want to play this week?

I'm available to play Tuesday and Friday this week. How about you?

Also, what do we want to play? Werecat/Jeff expressed some interest in playing Numenera. I have two classic 80's RPGs I can run: Marvel Super Heroes and Toon. Anyone else have things they want to run?


Hi all,

This place seems active, but I can't quite tell if new players are being taken on. If there are any campaigns or even one-shots that would like to try out a new player, say hi, please. I'm 35 and get along well, play nicely, observe Coolness, and so on. Just would love to get involved with RPGs in the area, especially Classic D&D.

See you sometime, I hope.


Hey, guys-

Having skipped last week, let's try to play this week, definitely. Carl, I hope you're feeling better.

What's good for folks? I can do Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, or Friday.

When do y'all want to play this week? I can play Monday, Tuesday, and maybe Thursday.

Who wants to game this week? I can do Tuesday or Friday. I can also meet Saturday or Sunday if we want to try meeting on a weekend.

Hey. So Jennifer and I are finally moving, which means my availability for the next two weeks is going to be iffy. HOWEVER, if you plan a session, I will do my best to be there. Thanks!

Anyone up for gaming this Wednesday?

Christmas week is upon us, and is there any better gift than old-school D&D? Please post your availability!

Hey, so, a while back - right when they were phasing out 4e entirely - I picked up a bunch of the "Essentials" books, which were basically "4e After the Designers Had Finished Playtesting It." I felt kind of interested in a tactical skirmish game with funny accents thrown in.

There's an adventure in there, Madness at Gardmore Abbey which looks really classically old school in approach: sandbox fortress exploration, factions, some classic monsters, and everyone's favorite artifact the Deck of Many Things. If there's any interest in figuring out cooperative tactics, blowing through monsters, and kicking ass with the red-headed step-child of the D&D Family of Games, give a shout. I'd expect it to take 4-5 sessions.

(Pre-gens provided upon request for people who don't wanna be bothered with all the mini-game character build nonsense.)

We will be taking a short break from Exalted next week, which gives us the opportunity for another Glantri session! If you're available anytime next week — including either weekend — please post your availability.

Pete's expressed an interest in a Friday or weekend game. Are any folks interested in an early November session on such a day?

So after last session's events, Bouvier and Charon have not returned. We should probably mount a search and rescue mission? Who's in?

I can do Tuesday or Thursday.

Who wants to play this week. I can do Thursday or Friday.

And you?

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