Sans Sobriquet
Player Thaddeus
Class Fighting-Man
Title Swordsman
Alignment Chaotic
Languages Common, Dragon, Orc, Frost Giant
Strength 7 mighty/feeble
Intelligence 13 bright
Wisdom 9
Dexterity 8
Constitution 15 tough
Charisma 7 laughable
Armor plate & shield
Weapons magic sword, short bow, dagger
Magic Items
Cloak of Elvenkind; potion of growth; Sword +2, detects evil, gold, traps, shifting walls & rooms, chaotic, empathy, int 9, ego 2.
Special Ability
Level 3: Sword empathy and lore: Sans has an innate link to magic swords, and can detect thier alignment and sentience simply being near one.
Level 4: Sword whisperer: can influence a magical blade within 60’ causing it to be submissive (forcing a roll vs. wielder at -3 ego) or combative (forcing a roll vs. wielder at +3 ego). Usable once per day

Sans was raised in a monastic community of lore-keepers, apprenticed to the sage in charge of sword lore. He was a bright and promising student but proved unable to develop magical ability. Testing did show a nascent ability to commune with magical swords: they seemed naturally drawn to Sans, and he could tell at a glance the alignment of a sword. With time and ability to feel the swords aura he can often intuit a sword's abilities and purpose; swords like to communicate with him and recognize in Sans like spirit.

Sans spent many years in service to the Sage guild, helping them identify, repair, and record the history of swords. He became much in demand as a blacksmith and craftsman, but as he grew older he realized he did not care to spend the rest of his life talking with swords and recording thier deeds. He wanted to weild one and create a history of his own. Against the advice of the sages, he left to find his way in the world.

Recently he has been hoping to be employed by the Ninth Menegril to identify and catalog the Menegril's sword collection.

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