Sandrophal's Spikestaff

The head of this gnarled staff of hard gray wood is knobbled with spiky protrusions, which presumably are all that remains of several out-jutting branches. It was crafted from driftwood over three centuries ago by the druid Sandrophal of Minrothad, and has passed from hand to hand since Sandrophal's defeat at the hands of a rival.

When wielded in battle, Sandrophal's spikestaff provides a +1 bonus to hit and damage. Moreover, speaking the command word 'acantho' causes the upper end of the staff to swell into a mass of viciously barbed thorns topped by a huge purple blossom, the whole resembling the head of a thistle. These thorns last for one turn, during which time the staff's damage bonus increases to +4. This use of the staff expends one charge.

In addition, a successful blow from the staff will shatter certain minor defensive spells, such as shield, that protect the target from physical attacks. Only one defensive spell can be shattered per strike. This power activates automatically when circumstances permit, draining one charge from the staff.

The staff's powers only function in the hands of a spellcaster. For others, it is merely a staff +1.

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