What is the Saltbox?

The Saltbox is an ocean-going sandbox run by Charlatan, originally using the B/X rules and currently on ACKS. It's a mid-level game, with initial characters beginning at 30k xp and hirelings/henchmen at 5k xp.

Where does the game take place?

The Saltbox games to date have taken place in the North Seas, with safe (so far) harbors in the three free ports of the North Marches: Swinton, Nantaticut, and Pawtaticut.

Where's the action?

The players have discovered the lair of a gigantic hydra, have a vague idea of where Brinescale the sea dragon makes her lair, and are aware of a storm giant prince, Foom the Mighty. There's a pirate prince in the untamed waters of the north.

What has happened so far?

Saltbox 1 (5 march 2011)

Survivors: Cleric of Poseidon, Dread Kopus, Esmelai (6430xp apiece)
The party set sail looking for adventure, and for a while appeared to be content communing with sea-life instead. They eventually fought a small pack of sharks and a buccaneer longship. The party made the acquaintance of a sea dragon, Brinescale, and eventually made a failed attempt on her life.

Killed/Defeated xp hide/parts treasure
4 mako sharks 540xp 216g n/a
buccaneer longship 750xp 9000g (salvage) *
Treasure XP 18000xp - -
total 19290xp 9216g *

*: An enchanted hand axe (+1), magical chain mail (+1), a potion, 8000g, 10 gems worth approximately 10000g total

Saltbox 2 (9 april 2011)

Survivors: Dok'Konnor, Clam Wizard, Cleric of Poseidon, Sparsnip, Dread Kopus (?), …
The party explored somewhat closer to Nantaticut, eventually defeating a 10-headed sea hydra. With the cunning use of speak with animals and speak with dead, the party's cleric was able to divine the location of the hydra's lair (and, presumably, its hoard).

Killed/Defeated XP Hide/Parts Value Treasure
8 Ursca (2 bulls) 2800xp 2240g -
1 Small Roc 570xp 342g -
1 Griffon 440xp 264g -
1 Sea Hydra (10 heads, non-regenerating) 1550xp 0g -
total 5360xp 2846g 0g

Saltbox 3 (3 september 2011)

Survivors: ridiculossus, IO, Clam Wizard, …
The party struck out in the Cleric's ship to find the hydra's lair, and finds it occupied by the hydra's lesser spawn and mate- an enormous regenerating hydra presiding over a massive pile of loot. Despite their best efforts, they simply lack the firepower to take the beast down- though they mark it for life by petrifying one of its heads with an arrow steeped in cockatrice essences.

Killed/Defeated XP Hides/Parts Value Treasure
Giant Carn. Flies (8) 160 0g -
Cockatrice 350 210g -
Hydra (4hd) 135 27g -
Hydra (6hd) 570 342g -
total 1215 579g 0g

Saltbox 4 (NerdNYC Recess, 8 october 2011)

A band of frontier youths is pressed into service by Bart Finn, a pirate prince sailing out of the Broken Isles. Finn plans to conquer the Free Ports and re-establish a Finn principality. The outcome of his plans is unknown, as the band was nearly destroyed by the hungry pseudopods of a group of disgusting, meaty creatures emerging from the sands of the Bone Reaches.

Saltbox 5 (5 november 2011)

Survivors: Sosexia Du (IO), ridiculossus (143xp each)
Two men sail out from Nantaticut, exploring the seas north and eastward. After fleeing the voracious pincers of a pair of giant crabs, they defeat a small band of sahuagin attempting to capture them, and eventually take their sailboat into harbor in Northaven.

Killed/Defeated XP Hides/Parts Value Treasure
Sahuagin Gang (4) 276 - 10g
Treasure XP 10 - -
total 286 0g 10g

Saltbox 6 (1 january 2012)

Survivors: Sparsnip (ETSmith), Cleric of Poseidon (James), Esmelai (tavis), Dolphin (otspiii), Bismark the Brave (foner) (1459xp each)
The remainder of the original Saltbox adventurers unite with Sparsnip the Goblin and Dolph(in) the Barbarian and Bismark the Explorer to root out Brinescale's lair. Their attempt to discover the dragon's abode is interrupted by wave after wave of pirates. They eventually return to Nantaticut with two additional ships in tow: a waterlogged small sailing ship, the Speckled Fig, and a pirate slave galley, the Last Mistake. The surviving crew of the Last Mistake took to the water once the ship was near the Nantaticut coastline; their equipment was confiscated beforehand by the party. The party also has the captain of the Mistake as a prisoner.

Killed/Defeated XP Hides/Parts Value Treasure
Gargoyles (3) 405 162g -
Speckled Fig - 4000g (salvage) 500sp, desk/trinkets worth 450g, cargo 5760g
Last Mistake 580 6000g (salvage) 12g, 180s, 2000c; crew's equipment; map; vial; scroll of lyc. ward
Treasure XP 6310 - -
total 7295 162g + ships 6310g
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