Roland Wolfric, Lord Zanzibar
Player CaptainContrary
Class Fighter 7
Title Champion
Alignment Neutral
Strength 14 (+1 to hit, damage, open doors)
Intelligence 12 (read and write native languages)
Wisdom 9
Dexterity 11
Constitution 13 (+1 hit points per die)
Charisma 17 (+2 reaction adjustment; max. 6 retainers; 9 morale)
Armor Class -2 (plate +2/shield +1/+1 ring)
Hit Points 47
XP 86.324 xp
GP 3550 gp
Special Ability
Cavalier: +1 to hit/dmg with melee weapons, -1 to hit/dmg with ranged
Lucky Son of a Bitch: May request re-roll on to-hit, damage, and saving throws, as well as to-hit and damage from others a number of times equal to half Roland's level rounded up
Noteworthy Possessions
Joyeuse: Sword +2, Armor of Rochare de Specularum +2, Shield +1 (hide over wood frame), secondary belt (primary belt holds up his pants) with Continual Light cast upon buckle, normal sword with Continual Light cast on blade, war horse with barding (AC 5), +1 ring of protection, Periapt Proof Against Poison +2, bag of holding, Potion of Dragon Control (kept at the Chateau de Marais in a Flask of Preservation), 5 Magefire arrows, Sword proof against corrosion, +1 Fire Lance


Born the second son to a peasant family on the feudal lands of House Zanzibar, a noble house of little-to-no note in the hills of the west edges of Glantri, Roland grew up hale and hearty, and thusly was drafted into the town's guard. Shortly after learning he was to be promoted to full man-at-arms status by the noble house, he was selected at random to accompany Wolric Zanzibar, the second to last son of House Zanzibar on his adventures. This turn of events sucked.

A few months after their journey began, Roland and Zanzibar met the Company of Crossed Swords at the Inn of the Welcome Wench as the Company searched for meat to act as shields in their forays into the dreaded moathouse. Joining the Company and being handed Yakutz the Bloody, Roland subsequently barely survived a battle with an ogre beneath the moathouse, whilst his patron Zanzibar was mashed into goo.

Seizing upon the opportunity, Roland quickly assumed Zanzibar's identity, crowning himself "Roland Wolfric, Lord Zanzibar - First Son of House Zanzibar". Roland is light on the details.

In the ensuing years, Roland has made his fortune, slowly bestowing (or having bestowed) various titles upon himself. His current nom du jour: Roland Wolfric, Lord Zanzibar, High Cavalier of the Ouestmarche, Knight-Consort of the House de Marais, Commander of the Company of Crossed Swords, and Sword Prince of Neutrality

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