Rogwallow Castle

The name 'Rogwallow' is a low-tongue corruption of the statelier, older name of Rocq-houi-leau. Census notes and surveys from years past will list the dominion under the older term.

Atop a domineering bluff near where the road through the Valley of the Owls curls into the mountain passes south into Caurenze, this castle has been vacated for some years. The small town beneath its cliffs, also called Rogwallow, is also abandoned. The castle is rumored to be filled with ghosts, and the dungeons filling the interior of the bluff rumored to be the home of the dormant results of necromantic arts. The town itself - a clutch of ruined wooden husks - purports to be where "the air congeals into claws to rake a man to shreds." The hunters and rangers who live in the overgrown west end of the valley give the castle and town a wide berth. The young men and women of nearby Sligo test themselves with promises to explore the dangerous area, but are too much needed on their parents' farms to put a lie to their boasting.

A cart path twists up the loose stones and dirt up to the castle's summit. Overlooking this carriageway is a small two-story watch tower perched upon a small plateau of its own. A clan of rock baboons was discovered here by the Company, and put to the sword.

Updates (before and after Session 83):

Kings and Sorcerors — An organization of smugglers and ne'er-do-wells is quietly present in the valley. They were mentioned by a bugbear captured in Caurenze and may be involved in the De Sang area north of the Valley in Touraine. Some manuscripts on bodies used by a pair of thouls as bait for the party, which named the group 'Friends and Neighbors', as well as a leader named Gaspar the Golden. It seems there is high interest in the Castle as a staging area.

Rogwallow Town — No one living in Sligo remembers this small collection of homes and farms as having any people. A ranger by the name of Bright-Booted Walter has mentioned watching several deer wander into its weedy streets and almost took heel after them. They were torn to pieces by a large creature moving so fast it was a blur. He felt the creature watching him heavily from his blind in the woods, but did not approach him.

Rogwallows —

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