Remembering Sang Lee

In addition to being Sang's friend, I had the honor of working with him to publish two books featuring his illustrations. I have great memories of the times he and I traveled together to the game conventions where we met the players who enjoyed these books. Although five years have gone by, I was touched to see how many people in this worldwide community still remember Sang's work and wrote to share their condolences in the social website where I shared the tragic news of his passing. This correspondence is reproduced below. I hope that you will forgive the poor quality of the following translations - untranslated words include the names of the legendary monsters that Sang illustrated, the conventions we visited, as well as the online nicknames that are customary for some users of this website - and wish that there was more I could do to express my own admiration for your son.

I am heartbroken to report that Sang Lee is no longer with us. At one time or another I was lucky enough to have been Sang's fellow-player, collaborator, and friend, and I wish you could have been too. Sang was a great person and I miss him.
- Tavis Allison, president of Behemoth3
- New York, NY

That's terrible news. His illustrations were solid. My condolences.
- Joe Kushner, game reviewer
- Mt. Prospect, IL

I'm sorry to hear that. His cover illustration for A Swarm of Stirges is the nastiest (in a good way!) stirge I've ever seen. My condolences.
- Mike Mearls, Lead Designer, RPG R&D, Wizards of the Coast
- Renton, WA

My condolences to all his family and friends.
- Mark Clover, president of Creative Mountain Games
- Mt Prospect, IL

I am truly sorry to hear that. My deepest condolences to Sang Lee's family and friends; you are all in my thoughts and prayers.
- jaerdaph, game community member

Really sorry to hear this news.
- Plane Sailing, EN World administrator
- Harpenden, UK

While I never had a chance to meet him, I truly appreciated his work and wished there was more of it. But it grants us the opportunity to always remember him and that makes him eternal.
- Todd Crapper, president of Emerald Press
- Ottowa, Canada

Oh, I'm so sorry. I love his art.
- Kevin Kulp, writer
- Boston, MA

My condolences.
- Daniel J. Bishop, writer
- Toronto, Canada

Damn. I wish I'd got a picture with him at Gencon. My condolences, this is sad news.
- Chad Barr, game designer

My condolences to Sang Lee's family, friends, and colleagues. What a shame.
- William Ronald, game community member
- Phoenix, AZ

My condolences. It is a pale comfort, but his art will live on.
- Claudio Pozas, illustrator
- Rio de Janeiro, Brasil

We lost a good one. My condolences.
- Nifft, game community member
- New York, NY

I had the honor and pleasure of playing in one of the tournaments at Gencon, along with getting a chance to look at some of the artwork for the never published Remohaz book. My condolences to his family.
- Steve Russell, writer and publisher

My condolences. That's terrible news.
- howandwhy99, game community member
- Atlanta, Georgia

He was a very talented individual, and he will be missed.
- Jonathan Russell, game community member

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