Religion in the Principalities of Glantri

The world of Glantri is full of gods. Cities are packed with temples, while even the smallest village has one or more shrines. Some puissant deities concern themselves with grand concepts, while others are little gods devoted to narrow circumstances or individual locales. All have the potential to empower priests to serve their interests.

Foremost among these gods is the Great Builder, whose worship is so common in the southern kingdoms. But the cosmopolitan streets of Glantri City are home to shrines of many other gods of Law and a handful of gods of the Balance. The Church of the Great Builder portrays the other gods as lesser entities — "saints", if you will — in His service; the priests of those gods often dispute such claims, claiming a coequal status within a broader pantheon.

The peoples of Glantri have an interesting relationship to religion. While most forms of religion may be practiced freely, the Princes have banned the use of priestly magics within Glantri's borders. In the absence of the obvious miracles such magics provide, religion is more a matter of faith than it might be elsewhere in the world.

A few shrines to the gods of Chaos can also be found in Glantri. Wizards have always sought power from Chaos, and wizardry is Glantri's national pastime. Moreover, in the wake of the civil war, Glantri's people have more cause than ever to appease the Chaos powers. And as the darker Chaos cults are illegal to begin with, their clerics have no cause to stint on their use of unholy magic, making it all the easier for them to win converts.

Not all gods are clearly and unequivocally associated with either Law or Chaos. Some appear to have multiple aspects, while others stand aside from the Law/Chaos axis. These mysteries are a matter for scholars rather than ordinary men, who care only for what they have to gain from the gods in the mortal world — and, perhaps, which gods they may expect to stand with at the turning of the Age.

For some of the more noteworthy deities propitiated in Glantri, see Deities of Glantri.

Religion in the Black Peaks

The people of the Black Peaks are dualists, believing in two deities: the Great Builder and the Trickster. I confess that I am stealing the look and feel of the video game Thief: the Dark Project.

The Great Builder


The Builder is associated with Law, Order, Stability, and Industriousness. He is known by many names: the Anvil of the Universe, the Architect, Dominus, the Forge-God, Leviathan, the Master, etc. The Builder is generally worshiped by Dwarves and Lord Stefan's men, who have conquered much of the surrounding territory and imposed their beliefs on the locals, establishing the One Lawful Church of the Great Builder.

The Trickster

The Trickster is associated with Chaos, Anarchy, Liberty, and Shrewdness. She is known by many names: Croatoan, the Liar, the Mother Who Devours Her Young, the Queen of Midnight, the Savior. The Trickster is generally worshiped by Elves and Goblins, though certain Men who were living in the region long before Lord Stefan arrived pay homage to this deity too. Cardinal Ludwig has done his utmost to exterminate the Trickster faith in the Black Peaks, branding it the Blasphemous Cult of Chaos. Few Trickster cultists dare to practice their faith openly.

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