Player Squall61
Class Fighter 1
Title Veteran
Alignment Lawful
Special Languages (Common, Glantrian)
Strength 12
Intelligence 5 (cannot read or write)
Wisdom 8 (-1 on magic-based saving throws)
Dexterity 11
Constitution 11
Charisma 13 (+1 reaction adjustment; max. 5 retainers; 8 morale)
Armor Class 2
Hit Points 8
Special Ability
not yet determined
Noteworthy Possessions
none as yet


Born of minor Glantrian nobility, Reginald des Pessimaux lacked the intellectual fortitude to master the study of magic. Instead he learned the mundane arts of the aristocracy: dancing, hunting, swordplay and the like. Bored with his lot in life and seeking to renew his family's diminished fortunes, he took the advice of his distant cousin Robert Hazart and joined the Company of Crossed Swords. After a few uninteresting jobs guarding caravans with Emory, Henri and Guy, he joined the more active branch of the Company in its venture to Chateau d'Ambreville.

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