Red Dragon

The Red Dragon, of course, is vain, greedy, and prone to wanton destruction—but it is immortal and can afford to take the long view.

One hundred years ago the Red Dragon conquered the Black Peaks, drove out most of the Dwarves and enslaved those who stayed behind, assembled the Dragon Army and generally made life miserable for everybody. Recently Lord Stefan captured the dragon. It is, at least in theory, no longer a threat, but clearly finds its current predicament intolerable.

Alignment Chaotic
Armor Class -1
Hit Points 50
Move 240 flying, 90 on land
Attacks Bite (+9 to hit, 4d8 dam), Claw x2 (+9 to hit, 1d8 dam)
Special Arcane Spells, Fire Breath (cone 90' x 30')
Points 2300


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