Ran Lithby House Rules

We are playing with the OD&D rules, influenced by Philotomy Jurament's website and Tavis' ongoing White Sandbox game.

Start with max. hp at first level.After that we re-roll each level, keeping the larger number.

Bandaging: if you have been wounded in a combat and your first declared action at the end of combat is bandaging, you can roll to get back d3 hp.

PCs are unconscious at 0 hp. They can go as low as level +1 before death.

Initiative: is by group or by individual depending on the nature of the combat (in imitation of Tavis's game)

Running may be necessary: much of the dungeon has been generated using dice and there are absolutely things that will kill a party of first level adventurers. Many intelligent monsters can be bribed or be-friended in some circumstances. There should be enough areas to explore that you should never feel obligated to take on a particular menace unless you choose to.

Begin with any equipment you want from the general list. Remember you have to carry it. After that please keep an account of your belongings and monies; I am hoping for some small amount of resource management.

All human PCs get a special ability to start; think about what you might want yours to be. It is fair to wait for an inspiring moment to choose. Elves, Dwarves, and Hobbits gain the special abilities specified for those races in the rules.

Abilities chosen so far include:

  • 30' night vision
  • thief skills
  • “danger” sense
  • ability to jump 20'
  • copper hair; protects vs. electricity
  • half-faery, with wings

Fighters get a kung-fu point: choose a lucky number for your d20. When you roll to-hit in combat and that number comes up, something special happens like another hit, extra damage, or a neat move that sets you up for the next round.

Clerics are fighting men who are walking a mystical or deity-ordained path. They may have been trained as clerics or not. Think about your religion, likely including a sphere of interest, but it is not necessary to start playing. You will have a special ability related to your mystical sphere of interest.

Magic-Users start the game with a spellbook including Read Magic and two random first-level spells. Magic-Users only get one spellbook to start, on loan from their master, so M-U's motivations include acquisition of new spells, making new and backup spellbooks, etc.

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