Ran Lithby Character Creation

1. 3d6 in order for attributes (re-roll if you are not excited about playing what you rolled). Roll at the table if you can, but just go ahead and roll yourself if the game is online. We trust you!

  • There is a bonus to earned exp if your prime requisite is 13 or higher; a subtraction if your prime requisite is 8 or less.
  • Str is useful for breaking open doors and traps
  • Int gives you an additional language spoken for every point above 10.
  • Dex 13+ means you fire missiles at +1; 8- and you fire missiles at -1
  • Con 15+ and you add a hit point to each hit die rolled; 6- and you subtract a point.
  • Cha affects loyalty and morale of retainers and hirelings.

2. Roll a d6 for heirlooms: you want a 1-2
3. Roll d20 for a rumor
4. Choose your OD&D class
5. Choose any equipment you want from the standard list; keep track of encumbrance
6. If Fighting man, choose your kung-fu number
7. If M-U, ask DM about your spellbook
8. If Cleric, give some thought to your religion, but it can be developed during play.
9. If human, choose special ability

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