Quasqueton is the hidden hillside fortress of the mercenary general Roger du Gare and his brother, the wizard Zelig du Gare. Constructed shortly after the civil war, it remained hidden despite the construction of Eastkeep at the base of the hill, just a few hours' walk away. The du Gares have not been seen in two years, having gathered many men for an expedition into the Broken Lands, and supply expeditions from Quasqueton stopped coming to Eastkeep close to a year ago.

Quasqueton is a deceptively dangerous place, tempting fresh-faced adventurers to their doom with a regularity that suggests something more sinister than the larger-than-normal insects and sundry goblins reported by the desperate and bedraggled survivors of exploratory efforts there.

Quasqueton: Seat of Destiny

Early July, 208: A small group of adventurers and mercenaries, led by the Glantrian mageling Robert Hazart and the veterans Emory and Francois, discovered the location of Quasqueton and led the first expedition into its abandoned halls.

Ten days later, a return to the fortress's accursed depths surrenders the life of Arnhelm and Thomas de la Mer.

In mid-July of 208, a return to Quasqueton's accursed depths claimed the life of Herve.

Nearly a year later, three bold hearts would enter Quasqueton, but only two would leave still beating.

In late May of 209, a Crossed Swords expedition would flirt with Death in Quasqueton, and narrowly resist her many advances.

A month later, Pritchard Hood would watch in terror as three eager new recruits and a familiar street urchin would sashay away to Quasqueton's lethal song.

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