Prince Valiant Game System

The Fundamentals

Here are the fundamentals, written as if you've played RPG's before:

  1. The Storyteller will present a problem, obstacle, or interesting situation
  2. Describe what you're doing to overcome that problem
  3. Based on your description, figure out which of your traits apply
  4. Total up the value of those traits: usually that's attribute + skill + circumstances
  5. Flip that number of coins, and count up the heads.
  6. If all your coins come up heads, count that as an "extra" head for good luck, supreme effort and so on.

If you haven't played one of these games before, that might be really confusing. I'll explain it if I ever get around to revisiting this page.

Did I Succeed?

There are a couple of different ways a Storyteller might determine if your action succeed.

Succeed If You Get Any Heads At All

If any of your coins came up heads, then the Storyteller will declare that you succeeded in the task.

Success If You Get A Fixed Number of Heads

Sometimes the Storyteller might require you to get a certain number of heads in order to succeed, depending on the difficulty of the task.

Difficulty Heads Needed
Easy 2
Normal 3
Hard 4
Very Hard 5 or more

Success If You Get More Heads Than Your Opponent

Sometimes you're in direct competition against another character. (I.e., racing against another horseman.) Whoever gets the most heads in their toss, wins. If both sides get the same number of heads, the competition is inconclusive.

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