Primary Abilities

"Primary Abilities" is the term used by the Marvel Super Heroes Role-Playing Game to refer to every person's natural, god-given attributes, or at least, the ones that mtter in the world of super heroics. Just like people in the real world might be really smart, or really tough, Primary Abilities include traits like Reason and Strength. Here they are:

Fighting is the ability to punch, poke, jab, wallop, or whack someone, with or without a weapon. Captain America is a good example of someone with spectacular Fighting abilities.

Agility covers everything that requires hand-eye coordination or athletic skill - particularly things like dodging out of the way of an enemy, or throwing an object at somebody. It also includes acrobatic tricks like somersaulting over a wall or jumping from roof to roof. Spider-Man has great Agility: he's fast, nimble, and a great shot with his web-shooters.

Strength measures how much weight a super hero can lift and how hard he can punch with his bare hands. The incredible Hulk is the Strongest one there is.

Endurance measures how far a hero can push herself, and how well she resists the effects of gas, poison, and stuff like that. The mighty Thor possesses the Endurance of a god.

Reason equals brains, or raw smarts. It measures the ability to think logically and use complicated equipment. Reed Richards, who can invent machines far beyond the scope of modern science, has incomparable Reason.

Intuition is wits and common sense. A super hero uses Intuition to notice something everyone else missed, when she senses danger, or when she has a hunch. People with high Intuition are very aware of the world around them. As a seasoned attorney with razor-sharp senses, Daredevil has a very keen Intuition.

Psyche measures force of will. It also affects the scope psychic powers and magical spells. Doctor Strange, the sorcerer supreme, has an overwhelmingly powerful Psyche.

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