Pigshit Pat
Player OtspIII
Class Wild Mage 4
XP 21096
GP 929 gp
Alignment Neutral
Special Wild Mage, Thief Skills
Strength 11
Intelligence 6
Wisdom 6
Dexterity 13
Constitution 14
Charisma 9
Armor Class 5
Hit Points 5 (needs to roll for them)
Special Ability
Wild Mage — Gets one extra spell per day, but will not know what it is until he casts it. Also, can not choose which spells he memorizes per day.
Super Wild Mage — Enhanced spell list.
Noteworthy Possessions

Respected, beloved, and feared by all, Pat (often referred to by his affectionate nickname, Patty), is the proud heir to an ancient and peerless lineage. Blessed with uncommon powers by his "draconic" lineage, he has chosen to bless the Company of Crossed Swords with his presence while he sets out to make a name for himself in Galantri. A recently converted yet devoted follower of The Boss, he has proclaimed himself to be the religion's #1 worshiper.

Spell Chart

d20 L1 L2 L3
1 Charm Person Continual Light Clairvoyance
2 Detect Magic Detect Evil Dispel Magic
3 Floating Disc Detect Invisible Fireball
4 Hold Portal ESP Fly
5 Light Invisibility Haste
6 Magic Missile Knock Hold Person
7 Protection from Evil Levitate Infravision
8 Read Language Locate Object Invisibility 10' Radius
9 Read Magic Mirror Image Lightning Bolt
10 Shield Phantasmal Force Protection from Evil 10' Radius
11 Sleep Web Protection from Normal Missiles
12 Ventriloquism Wizard Lock Water Breathing
13 Shocking Grasp Forget Feign Death
14 Unseen Servant Ray of Enfeeblement Fire Bolt
15 Jump Shatter Monster Summoning I
16 Grease Strength Tiny Hut
17 My Choice My Choice My Choice
18 DM Choice DM Choice DM Choice
19 Roll d16 on Lvl 2 Roll d16 on Lvl 3 Roll d16 on Lvl 4
20 Roll d16 on Lvl 2 Roll d16 on Lvl 3 Roll d16 on Lvl 4
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