An Enchantress and leader of an adventuring company which has crossed paths with the Grey Company on multiple occasions. On the first occasion, Philomena's adventuring band was magically compelled by the Patriarch of the Dark One to harass the companions. This assault was in the formerly safe town of Belltower, and opened when Philomena approached and attempted to charm John Fighter. Lucky the Archer discerned her intentions and prevented the spell (which would have been useless in a short time in any case, as John's poor memory caused him to forget that he was under enchantments). She was quickly taken hostage and the rest of her team called off. She then helped negotiate a temporary peace with the Dark One, before he was ultimately defeated a short time thereafter. Maldoor traded some spells with her between expeditions, not suspecting that she would be ruthless enough to place a charm on him, as well as on Lucky the Archer. Eventually, dispel magic released the odd-acting companions from her spell. Her aggression caused the ghost-struck 90 year old John Fighter to make his famous Rapping of the Cane speech, in which he swore that if she once more interfered with the Company's activities, he would strike her head from her body. Either shortly before or after this, she struck a deal with the Grey Company to clear the former lair of the long-vanished Tim Moon-Slayer, who she claims to once have been a student of. A respectable haul of treasure was made, including a great quantity of the magically tough grey cloth that, fashioned into cloaks, now give the Grey Company its regrettable name. After surrendering claim to the cleared lair per agreement, it was heard that the lair contained vast hidden treasures within easy reach of the adventurers. Now in possession of these missed treasures, Philomena must have gained considerable power.

Since then, Philomena has apparently monitored the Grey Company's activities, leading to one of her invisible spies drowning in a pile of guano while the Grey Company swarmed over his corpse like cockroaches to strip him clean of magical items. There has not yet been a moment of plain aggression from her.

Loose Ends

Philomena was a major rival and adversary, or merely complicating factor, for several sessions in the late-teens. She has since fallen from view. What happened to her?

There has been little sign of her, perhaps from her disinterest in getting herself beheaded, perhaps from her concern with her own dealings.

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